Just Sick of it All

I’ve been so tired lately and everyone’s just getting on my last nerve. Like I’m calm on the outside, but inside, I’m literally raging. Like can no one do anything on their own?? Why do they have to rely on ME to do everything and make the freaking decisions?!?! Just because I have a voice and I actually speak up doesn’t mean I should be left to make the decision. Also, no one understands shit about me. I just feel like I’m going insane. The only thing keeping me calm is working out and just doing my own thing and having fun, but honestly I’d rather just not have anyone bug me at the moment because everyone’s annoying as fuck. Or like certain people are annoying and they’re the ones I hang around which SUCKS, honestly it does. The only ones I enjoy hanging out with are certain coworkers and other people who are older and some friends from LA and whatnot. Everyone else is driving me to the brink of annoyance. I’m not even stressed about anything, I just feel like everyone needs to give me my space and just do things on their own lol. Like please people. Sorry, end of my stupid rant 😀