The MOST Dramatic Season Ever: Bachelor in Paradise 4 Ep 1

Well, well, well. Guess it’s back for another round of summer loving and summer dumping along with the boozing. Guess that means I’m back as well with my reviews of the “sunniest” shows of all time.

First off, I just love when Chris Harrison knows that we all think that every season is the MOST dramatic season of all time when in reality at times, it turns out not to be. His emphasis is on point with that though.

Also, regarding the whole DeMario/Corinne situation that happened prior to this season actually airing and almost stopping the whole season from actually happening. Because it happened a while back and I feel as though a lot of people have said their fair share regarding the situation, I won’t speak too much about it and will go right into the Bachelor Paradise drama that occurs during this episode.

Before I move forward though, the opening with Vinny kicking the lamp and Amanda running away from pizza. I have to admit, that is pure genius right there haha.

Ah, let the games begin.

So I honestly expected a lot more to happen during this episode from the way the producers set it up regarding the Corinne/DeMario situation and just how they set up the previews. However, I was a bit disappointed to see that there wasn’t much going on. To be honest, it was almost a boring episode. There were little things that happened here and there, but other than that, eh.

We didn’t get too much of Corinne/DeMario honestly, just them frolicking in the pool and other things that are pretty normal. I didn’t expect them to show EVERYTHING, but I felt like they were making things a lot more exaggerated in the previews regarding the situation and that they were going to show the circumstances that led up to the controversy. Oh well. Moving on.

The dates that happened weren’t that interesting either. Just a 5 minute showing of each date and them saying how they like each other and whatnot, blah blah. I feel like I’ve seen it all.

“Every time he brushes his hair, I’m going to take a drink.”-Raven

Ha, the whole situation between Robby and Raven. So funny. I’m actually really proud of her for not really falling for his charms and whatnot and for her being like nah, not that interested in him. Then with  Ben Z and his dog, even though it was edited to make it look like he was talking strictly about his dog for however many minutes, I still loved that moment because I’m such a dog person. I might not have a dog YET, but I love dogs, so that pretty much made me swoon. However, I’m not really sure if I dig Ben Z and Raven, so we’ll see what happens after they return to paradise.

As for the other couples, Kristina and Dean and Matt/Jasmine/Nick the Claus, eh… We’ll see more of them later on too. There just wasn’t much going on there except their dates and little tuffles between Jasmine and Nick the Claus because he got hammered and couldn’t talk to her so she pretty much ditched him for Matt the Penguin.

Iggy and Lacey, there wasn’t much there either, they were sort of into each other and then her family situation came up and she left and may return and yeah… Just puts him on the chopping block there along with the rest of the other guys with no connection.

And as for Taylor and Derek, I sort of think they’re cute albeit people thinking they were boring. I hope we get to see more of their relationship develop each and every episode. I don’t know, we’ll see what else paradise has in store for these people. Any who, I didn’t have too much to say this time because really, there wasn’t much that happened because it took almost 30-40 minutes for all of the cast to even arrive. That’s all for now.

Au Revoir my readers.

Thanks for reading ❤




Bachelor in Paradise Episode 9

I have to say, I could barely stomach this episode. It was so sickening to watch, especially the beginning. I KNOW it’s a reality TV show, I KNOW it is and I KNOW that a lot of situations are manipulated to create drama and storylines, but I’m telling you Ashley’s whole “persona” on TV is just sickening to me. Like how much of it is really scripted and how much of it can be edited? Her persona on TV is disgusting and sickening to me and almost slimy; it makes my stomach turn. I can’t believe she tried to play the poor me, please pity me card, I’m just trying to protect you ploy with Jared. I wanted to skip it so badly, but I couldn’t because I needed to see what actually happened. I know we don’t get a lot of what goes on in paradise and I lot is cut out, but from what I see, it’s just disgusting. Also calling someone “Euro trash” and a bitch a whore while saying that you’re the better person and all of this stuff just shows how insecure you really are in your own skin and that you enjoy bringing others down behind their backs. That doesn’t show you being more mature, that shows so much immaturity that it’s slimy to watch. Regardless, I am glad that Caila left the drama and in all honesty I would’ve too. I don’t know why in your right mind you would think she NEEDS the attention when she just left and you’re still on practically begging for attention with your please pity me boo hoo card, but whatever floats your boat. (People may think that I am biased, but really I’m not, I’m simply speaking what I think and if you don’t like it well then don’t read what I write, it’s as simple as that).

With that being said, Lauren Himle and Shushanna from Ben’s season come and go on a double date with Brett and Wells who just went on a date with Jami the day before and went on a date with Ashley a few days ago. Ashley is trying to seem mature and sane, but it’s not really working in my eyes. The date seems to go really well for the ladies; not much to say there except I’m glad they’re getting an opportunity to experience paradise and be happy because I like these girls.

Amanda and Josh also get a date and reaffirm their feelings for one another due to the whole Nick vs Josh situation from the night before with the twins leaving. Can’t say much else about that.

The girls are pretty much left to fight for their “men’s” time, especially with Wells since Jami (The Canadian), Ashley, and Shushanna (a random hooker) all went on a date with him. That’s all for today really. I don’t have much to say about the episode since that’s literally all that happened. However, I’ll leave on this note:

Reiterating what I said earlier, I know that we’re missing so much to what we’ve already seen on paradise because why would the producers let us watch every single footage they have, right? That would not only take hours, but sort of be a waste of time. I mean there are some pieces that we need to complete the puzzle, but I mean they show what they want. With the whole Ashley, Caila, and Jared situation, Ashley should’ve just said her two cents and then left them alone. If Caila wasn’t right for Jared in the end, he would’ve made that decision for himself and not needed you to be there for him claiming that you’re protecting him. Yeah right, you’re doing it for yourself. Any who, he would’ve realized it sooner or later so you should’ve just left it at that. Instead you literally go attacking the poor girl mentally and behind her back on TV and then you go attacking every other girl you’re intimidated by. That doesn’t really say much about your character in person (although I know that she’s smarter than she’s portrayed). I know people have different personalities, but with that being said, what you see on TV is sort of what you get in person in some ways. Also, attacking Caila on social media and TV and practically bullying her like that is so disgusting and despicable. Honestly, if I were Caila I would’ve left and if she wasn’t that interested in Jared before, I mean who would want all of that baggage following them around literally attacking them and breathing down their necks? No one. I don’t blame her at all if she wasn’t that interested. Also, Caila totally did not break girl code because they weren’t even considered “friends,” outside of the show, more like acquaintances and it was not cool of Ashley to manipulate her and pretty much tell her how to act on paradise if she were to go on paradise. Anyway, sorry for the long rant, but that’s what I have to say on that. See y’all next time and enjoy!



Bachelor in Paradise Episode 8

Looks like everyone’s really praying for a miracle today. A miracle that will SOMEHOW help Ashley get over Jared and stop with her incessant crying. I’m with them and praying for it too because I honestly cannot stand the sounds of torture anymore, just PLEASE bring someone in. PLEASE.


Well, well,wells. YES, Finally a guy who actually catches Ashley’s interest. Like how long did that take?? I understand being picky, but I felt like she was just very, VERY unwilling to let go of her grudge against Caila and her feelings for Jared and focus on herself and finding a guy she’s interested in. But thankfully, Wells came in and swooped her off her misery, literally. Everyone started clapping and cheering because FINALLY, it’s over and she can move on and everyone else can stop walking around eggshells and trying to comfort her. Thank goodness.


Caila and Jared are very obviously happy, as they should be. They can FINALLY move forward in their relationship without feeling like they have to be holding back. They’re so cute together not dealing with all the drama. Omg, I’m smiling just from watching them.

Wells and Ashley go on their date and talk about the bands they enjoy and dogs. They light a lantern and it goes up in flames, literally (I wonder if that’s a sign Hmm…) Honestly, I sort of skipped this part because I wasn’t too interested in watching it. I know that’s all they did on the date though, so moving on…

Grace are having trouble in paradise because Lace keeps flirting with other guys. I feel like she’s just worried that everything is too good to be true, like Amanda said and that she doesn’t deserve the good things that are happening to her. In all honesty, I think that everyone deserves to find love and happiness; however, the tactics that she’s using are so juvenile and childish, just very immature. It’s something that I would do right now because I’m not ready for anything. I think that she’s not ready for a real relationship and in my opinion and should have waited a bit to find herself and figure things out for herself. You can’t really be with someone until you have found yourself and you know yourself. (Sorry guys, I admit I can be real opinionated sometimes lol). Anyways, Grace get into a huge argument, but eventually make up. Aw, I don’t know if this is good news or bad news…

Meanwhile, Josh is being a huge douche, honestly he is. I didn’t even read Andi’s book or watch Andi’s season, but the way he’s acting towards Jen and Nick like oh, we called dibs on the boom boom room is so immature and not attractive at all. Anyone can sleep there and if Amanda doesn’t want to sleep in the same bed with you tonight or doesn’t want to sleep in the room with you tonight, then deal with it! Don’t act like such a child about it and throw a hissy fit. Y’all can sleep in a different bed anyway. Ugh, his actions are disgusting me more and more each episode. He even got into a little argument with Nick about it. Just ugh.

Cocktail party time and rose ceremony time:

Grace solidify their relationship once more and Carly and Evan tell each other that they love each other. Carly can’t believe it because she’s falling for the penis man. Who would’ve thought huh?

Daniel knows he’s on the chopping block and is doing anything he can to stay. He brings food to Haley and a CANADIAN lamp to Izzy because apparently Izzy likes lamps… Brett apparently brought a 60 watt lamp though so that beats Daniels…?

Josh and Amanda are falling in love with each other, which the Twins think is very concerning because they don’t know enough about Josh and are worried about his temper. They ask Nick what they think about him and Nick tells them about what happened with the bed issue the night before and of course brings up Andi’s book once again, telling them that it can’t all be fictional.

Now, for the rose ceremony (ladies night):

Carly to Evan

Ashley to Wells

Jen to Nick

Izzy to Brett

Caila to Jared

Lace to Grant

Amanda to Josh (who cannot stop kissing Amanda, just please stop)

Haley… and Emily to… No one because they don’t feel those sparks, that connection. That means that Ryan, Daniel, and Carl are all leaving rose-less this week as well. Before leaving though, they pull Amanda aside and tell her their concerns and then leave before any repercussions could come. Naturally, Amanda tells Josh and he starts going off and getting all pissed off. Josh calls everyone down and pretty much goes off on all of them. The thing is, I think he’s slick and I agree with everything everyone said before about him. It looks like he’s practiced what to say, especially since he just had his character talked about in a book. I can’t really be a great judge because I don’t know HIM, but when you have your best friends tell you to not trust him and to be cautious and you have A LOT of other people tell you the same thing, shouldn’t you really heed their warnings and think twice…? Once again, Josh goes off and says stop talking behind my back, but no one really is… The Twins wanted to talk to Nick about their concerns and that’s that. They wanted their friend to feel and be safe and be sure about her decision.. In all honesty, yes the topic is you, but it doesn’t really actually concern you. The moment that Nick tells Josh that everything written about himself is true, Josh becomes all quiet and stops arguing. Josh is ready to leave, but Amanda wants to stay with him and wants to stop listening to everyone. I mean it’s up to you. All the best of luck to you dear.

Jami arrives in paradise, but everyone is still sleeping and only Wells is awake.

“Chad has come and murdered everyone and  only Wells is left.”-Wells LOL, that is freaking hilarious.

Jami opens her date card and decides to ask out Wells (not sure if it’s because he’s the only one here or if it’s because she wanted to) Seems like she actually wanted to meet him, so who knows. Ashley is still asleep (thank goodness) so no one has to deal with her incessant crying YET.

Like Jorge says, “Early bird catches the worm.” (Jami)

Surprisingly, Ashley is not at all worried about Wells going on the date with Jami and is actually really calm about it. Everyone was waiting for the explosion to happen, but it didn’t happen. Instead… She decides to go talk to Jared… what the freak…? I swear Ashley is just going backwards because once again we hear her thoughts on how it’s a nightmare seeing Jared and Caila get closer blah blah blah. She isn’t moving on at all and I know it takes time but right now it’s just annoying.

Caila and Ashley have another conversation and Ashley once again keeps telling her how she has doubts blah blah. Caila is pretty fed up with how she’s being treated and how people are just listening to Ashley when they don’t really know her at all. They weren’t really friends, more like acquaintances before the show any who, so Caila isn’t backstabbing anyone. She really doesn’t need or want the attention (YES GIRL!) so she wants to leave paradise now too.

I know that this is a reality TV show and producers do push and nudge people and storylines in certain directions, but this is just a stupid storyline now and I don’t know why they can’t let Jared and Caila be. Like Ashley, move on and don’t tell people not to make out in front of you because it will happen anyway. I don’t know her and her personality and can’t say anything at all really, but from my perspective, it’s just so immature and juvenile what she’s doing for her own happiness. It’s very selfish of her and for her to be calling someone a backstabbing whore all the time while saying she’s the best doesn’t look that much better. I know people are defending her, but it’s not ok for y’all to be calling Caila a whore and b**** either. It’s not ok for y’all to bully either of them and before y’all go off on me for being “hypocritical,” I’m simply stating what I see and what I think, not defaming anyone’s image. If I were Caila, I’d honestly leave too because it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks in the end, I’d just want the person I’m spending time with to have their own viewpoint about me (which is what Amanda is doing and I respect that and all the best to her). Anyway, that’s all for this episode. See y’all next time!

Share your thoughts and comments if you have any 🙂











Bachelor in Paradise Episode 7

Following last night’s episode, Vinny is silently waiting outside Izzy’s bungalow to confirm everything that he had heard from her the previous night almost like someone is waiting for their execution to happen :(.

Izzy and Vinny have their conversation and once Vinny starts to cry, Izzy starts to cry. She tells him that there are some things they haven’t talked about that she hasn’t wanted to tell him yet and he tells her that once you watch this air, you will see so many things that I have said about you. My heart is absolutely breaking for Vinny. Honestly, I didn’t watch Jojo’s season at all, so I can’t judge his character from that at all, but based from what I have seen in paradise, I thoroughly enjoyed Vinny. He seems like a great person and I wish that this hadn’t happened to him. He seemed genuine and open to finding someone and wanting a relationship outside of paradise, but then everything came crashing down and now he’s leaving paradise heartbroken. Ah Vinny, there will be someone out there for you someday, even your mom said so! 🙂 Don’t lose faith now. You’re a handsome guy with a good heart, and you will find who you are truly meant to be with.


As for Izzy, I know some people are giving her a lot of flack for what she has done based off of a guy who she just saw for literally 5 minutes and had a conversation with for not even 10 minutes, but like I said before, it is paradise and sometimes the heart wants what it wants. Yes, she broke off their relationship based on seeing a different guy based off of his physical features, but it is true that sometimes a physical attraction really has to be needed there and if it’s stronger, what is the harm in exploring it? (yes, you’re hurting the other person, but at least you’re telling them before you do something even more stupid, like cheat). I might get a lot of flack for this from readers, but that’s my point of view on things. I still think she could have gotten Vinny to stay a lot better though; he deserved to stay and try to find someone and mend his broken heart, but I understand that it’s hard to be around someone you practically fell in love with and watch them fall for someone else. I also think that she should’ve stayed with Vinny a little bit longer because I feel like the moment she saw Brett she literally already threw everything she had with Vinny out the window before even seeing if there was anything that needed to be fixed or mended with Vinny. I won’t talk about in her a negative light though because in the end, she is only doing what she thought was right for herself on her journey to find love and sometimes things happen, there is always a reason in life as to why things happen.

After the Vizzy breakup, everyone is still reeling from it because they realize that that’s how quickly things could change for any one of the couples that are still there and going strong. It makes them nervous that things could change at the switch of a light.

Soon after, Jade and Tanner come by for a visit and with them comes a date card. They want to see how everyone is doing and talk to the couples to see what’s going on with them. They pull each of them aside to hear what they have to say.

Evan and Carly are first and Carly explains what has been going on with her and her feelings. Jade and Tanner aren’t convinced by her feelings for Evan and wishes them luck.

Grace are next and Lace tells them that Grant has already said I love you to her while Lace hasn’t said it. Tanner and Jade think that Grant is further along than Lace is and after, they have a mini argument. Lace is now questioning their relationship because they’re not “clicking.” I think that because of what happened with Izzy and Vinny, it’s just making everyone including Grace question what they have.

Amanda and Josh meet with them and tell them the whole situation that occurred before with Nick and Tanner comments, “Beat Nick again.” LOL, Tanner. Josh tells them that he wants the date card right away, but Tanner and Jade think that he’s putting on a front and laying it on too thick. (Yes Janner, see through that)

Nick and Jen are next and Tanner comments, “Third times a charm right?” It seems like Nick is still holding back, but Tanner tells him that he should just go for it and not hold back because he doesn’t know how things will go.

After them are Jared and Caila and of course there has to be a segment about Ashley saying something. Ugh. Anyway, even Jade and Tanner thought that Jared and Caila really looked good on paper together and hoped that something had happened between the two of them. Tanner and Jade are both extremely happy, especially Tanner whose excited to see that his buddy is finally interested in someone.

Ashley speaks to them and tells them all about her Jared woes. Of course she tries to sabotage Caila and Jared’s relationship and thinks that she succeeded. I know that this is her niche, that this is her TV persona and in person, she’s a lot sharper and less emotional in person, but I think this is the wrong way to go about establishing her TV persona, but that’s just me.

In the end, Jade and Tanner give the date card to Caila and Jared and immediately after, of course Ashley starts whimpering and sniffling so someone has to comfort her. They soon leave on their date and talk about the obstacles (named Ashley) and how it’s holding their relationship back. After their talk (which wasn’t really a talk), it starts to pour, so they decide to strip down to their underwear and make out in the water. Of course, camera pans to Ashley who just wants to die because of the whole Jared and Caila thing.


The next morning comes along with a date card which goes to Evan who takes Carly. They go on another weird date (I don’t know why they get the weird and interesting dates), but they go to a village and end up in a sweating ceremony…? Carly doesn’t even feel weird this time because she just feels beautiful with the way Evan’s looking at her through her sweatiness. Her lady boner is finally back which she’s happy about.

Meanwhile in dramadise, Ashley tries once again to sabotage Jared and Caila. She thinks that she’s his main chick and that she knows how to stimulate his mind correctly. Like, what even…? Listening to her talk is just making me sick honestly. She tells Jared Caila’s not as into you as you are into her and some other things about her being a robot and Jared actually runs up to Caila to tell her SOME of the things that Ashley said saying she wasn’t talking bad. Uh huh… calling someone a robot and saying some other things isn’t talking trash…Sure…

Caila decides to call Ashley out on this because this is pissing her off and making her frustrated. She tells her that they are trying to move forward, but she is just stalling them and she can stall them for as long as she wants, but they will continue to move forward. Caila tells her that if she really came to paradise to focus on someone else, she should do that. Ashley meanwhile just wants to scratch her eyes out. All I can say is, a fight is brewing.

Well, that’s all I have for today because I don’t know how much more I can type about this whole Ashley, Jared, and Caila situation without feeling annoyed. I’ll see y’all next time on my next recap!



Bachelor in Paradise Episode 6

Yes! No… Yes! No… Yes! No… That could really give someone a case of whiplash. Although everyone else would say, “Caila, MAKE UP YOUR FREAKING MIND!!!” I can’t be one to judge her or blame her for anything because I’m exactly like her when it comes to just a pair of shoes or a top that I really want, but don’t want. Yes, they’re material things, but that just shows how indecisive a person can really be. Now people would blame it on her age and “immaturity,” but honestly, I would say that sometimes you really don’t know because there are so many conflicting feelings at play. You have Jared’s feelings, and then you have Brett’s feelings as well; not only that though, you have your own feelings to consider which are very, very confused in the moment.


Anyway, I just wanted to start off a little differently today and give my thoughts in that little snippet. Moving forward…

Last week’s episode ended on a to be continued… like always… I mean what else should we expect. It’s more like Dramadise and not Paradise. Of course with the cocktail ceremony and rose ceremony being dramatic as always, we start off with Ashley I crying… Again… (I mean that’s her thing as everyone says right? So we shouldn’t really expect much less…) People are scrambling because they realize that they could be the ones who are going home (mainly Sarah, The Twins, and Ashley I). Ashley I who is still talking to Jared is crying and crying because there’s no one else like him and she can’t get over that… Seriously typing this sentence makes me want to groan just like Nick who says, “I’m sick of seeing it and every here is probably sick of it.” Like I said in my previous posts, I just LOVEE Nick, what a voice of reason! I really would love a brother like him if I was every acting crazy. Finally, Jared says something other than um… Well… and tells her what he actually feels about this whole situation. Literally, there’s a whole bunch of fish out there in the sea (come on you’re in paradise, there really are), that you could find who would complement you better than Jared. I mean I guess, quoting Selena Gomez’s song, “The Heart wants what it Wants.” Ashley continues to cry as he leaves her as he goes talk to Caila to reaffirm his feelings for her (YESS GO JARED!!)

After faking his illness or sickness or whatever the heck it was (if he was faking it, I don’t know) Carly finally realizes her true feelings for Evan and Evan is as mind blown as we are, “Shut the front door.”

Meanwhile because Daniel is the only one with a unconfirmed rose, the girls who are left scrambling go to all lengths to get his rose. Apparently, he’s Gandhi, a papa bear, and king of the jungle… All I can say is, Damn Daniel you are still weird, but I Love it. Guess you aren’t the eagle anymore. If you’re  Gandhi, what is everyone else then? I seriously wonder what else he can come up with during his stay in paradise. Intriguing seems to be the word of the season. Anyway, Sarah brings him a half birthday cake because it’s his half birthday for her little try at his rose. The Twins decides that Haley needs to give Daniel a kiss which she is not looking forward to and Emily hastily reassures her that she is not going to die or get a disease. Really… the attempts to get his rose are… interesting… Then Ashley I finally stops crying and tries to talk to Daniel, but she ruins this attempt by talking about Jared… Once again… Daniel has to comfort her, but for once he actually makes sense! Does that make him a guru now? Then… he talks about making out with 5 different guys… Once he makes sense, he doesn’t make sense. Now comes King Kong and the Rose ceremony. and the pope? How many aliases can he have??


During the ceremony,

Grant gives his rose to Lace

Josh to Amanda plus his groaning ugh

Nick to Jen

Vinny to Izzy

Evan to Carly

Jared to Caila (Sorry, Ashley! Guess he wants to actually find something instead of feel bad for you.) Also, it doesn’t help when you keep calling everyone fake, some people are just naturally smiley no matter what. Pisses me off that she keeps throwing shade at everyone and setting everyone up to be the one to blame for what is going on with her. Anyway…

Daniel’s rose goes to… Haley… (I’m seriously crying right now, I love Sarah so much I wanted her to stay and meet other people 😦 ) I was rooting for her and Robert and now I was rooting for her with whoever she wanted to be with.

I can’t believe Ashley got another opportunity, if she did, Sarah deserves to, but dramadise needs the drama so of course she gets to come back. Nick speaks volumes for us with his groan. Thanks Nick. I agree with everything Carly said though, that Ashley deserves love, but Jared can’t do anything with her here. Sigh…

The next morning brings a new Ashley I and…

Carl! Blank stares consume the cast. Who is Carl? Andi’s season? Who? What’s his name again? I have to say, I don’t remember him, but he is really hot, even Vinny agrees. Emily loves how hot Carl is and after deciding their age gap isn’t bad, they agree to go on the date together.


Another newcomer comes to Paradise… with a lamp…? And it’s Brett, apparently the guy who brought in a lamp during Andi’s season (sorry, I don’t really remember you either…) He comes in  and Izzy says that she’s overwhelmed with how attracted she is to him because he’s physically what she would love in a man. Another double date with Emily and Carl and Carl (omg, I mean Brett LOL) decides he wants to take Caila who cannot for the life of her make up her mind on if she wants to stay or go on the date. Ashley I is ecstatic because this gives her the opportunity to hang out with Jared. Of course, the “new Ashley I” said she would try to move on and still cannot. I mean it doesn’t happen overnight but maybe you should not hang out with him… Meanwhile, Jared who has feelings for Caila feels like crap. He can’t believe this is happening and says this is karma for all of the ladies he rejected (well, not sure, but it’s something).

Emily, Carl, Caila, and Brett end up going on a booze cruise for their date which is just a version of college students gone wild at sea. Carl and Emily are totally feeling each other (like not exaggerating, totally feeling each other) and Caila is just feeling weird and awkward because it isn’t her scene at all and regrets even going on this date with Brett because she could only think about Jared; she mentions this to Brett and honestly I love her in this moment because at least she told Brett before it got any further. Back at the beach, Ashley I is squeezing every ounce of time with Jared that she possibly can while saying how much Caila is a backstabbing whore in a half-hearted, sort of not really joking way ( I think not really…)

The 4 come back and Caila wants to pull Jared aside because she knows how she feels now. They have a little conversation and Jared is so over the top happy that she feels that way and kisses her with Ashley I eavesdropping and being stalkerish on their conversation and realizing that Jared has moved on and doesn’t like her in that way. As much as I sort of do feel sorry for the girl when she isn’t throwing shade at people, it just needed to happen. (Sorry Ashley)

At night, someone else enters paradise and OMG it’s… Who the heck are you? Ryan B, from Kaitlyn’s season (don’t remember you either, sorry) Daniel gets all territorial and compares Ryan to a silver fox. Ryan and Jared, buddies from Kaitlyn goes to talk and Jared tries really hard to give Ryan the idea to ask Ashley I on the date. Ryan who wanted to ask Sarah (WHY?!? 😦 or Haley) is not really sold on the idea and skeptical. Ashley and Ryan talk and she keeps talking about Jared. Ryan asks Haley on the date who accepts. They end up going horseback riding too (Guess there’s not much to do in Mexico).

Grace go on a date night that Grant plans and Grant tells her that he loves her, after… 2 weeks maybe…? Im not against nor a pessimist of love at first sight but it’s only been a few weeks, maybe I’m falling for you, but not in love with you, but like I said, the heart wants what it wants.

Vinny is falling for Izzy, but Izzy is now taking a backseat to the relationship and trying to put the brakes on it. Having Brett come in puts a dent in her feelings for Vinny because he’s everything she looks for physically. Izzy is feeling guilt for what she’s feeling, but I don’t think she should because honestly (Sorry Vinny, trust me I love you!), it’s paradise you know? What’s the point of paradise? To see if there’s someone you could possibly form a connection with to continue a relationship with outside of the show, not to get married right away (albeit what everyone thinks). It’s also there to see who you can click with and even if you have formed a connection with someone from the start, I feel like all options SHOULD be explored (as “slutty” as that may sound). You need to see if you can form a future with this potential person and sometimes if you have doubts about the other person already, you should see if you have a stronger relationship with someone else because you don’t know if you’re missing out on something that could have you feeling even more sure than what you already have. Vinny and Izzy sit and talk and Izzy tells him the truth about what is going on in her head. It hurts seeing this conversation happen, but props to Izzy, because she’s giving it to him straight as much as it hurts. Vinny, I’m so sorry, it makes me so sad for you to feel like that, you seem like a great guy!

Like Carly says about the whole situation, “How did the lamp guy break up the strongest couple in the house?”

Vinny wants to leave, but the guys try to convince him to stay. Vinny wants to talk with Izzy before he decides anything and it doesn’t look like it’ll be good…

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