Stop Being a Douchebag and Be a Man

You know what, you’re starting to really annoy me. It would show I care, and I won’t lie, in a way if I have any emotion about it at all, I do, but it’s more so because I just hate people like you. I don’t care about YOU though.

So the premise of this whole post… Let’s get straight into this story. Sorry, this will be more of a rant if anything, but I’ve been so bothered for the past 2-3 weeks that I can’t not share my feelings with y’all, so please bear with me with this post.

About two weeks ago or three, I don’t remember exactly when, but I was on Tinder (yes I have a Tinder, does it really matter nowadays? lol) and I got matched with this one guy. I was like ok, let’s see his profile again because I didn’t really look into it. It said that he went to my school albeit being older and that he was looking for a corgi mom or something for his cute as freak corgi. I was like ok I really like the dog already, I don’t know about you though lol. He messaged me first and the closer I looked at his pictures the more I realized that omg, I swear I thought this guy was attractive 2 years ago in one of my classes like whoa, I thought I’d never see him again so this is sort of weird… Anyway, he messaged me something along the lines of us knowing the same 4 people and 3 of them being in different friends groups (I know weird start to the conversation, but hey whatever floats his boat you know?) We started to talk because we both TA for business classes at school so we talked about that and just random stuff, small talk you know? I mean what else is there really to talk about. Next day, I gave him my number because I really hate having to check the app all the time to see if he even messaged me back and it’s quicker for me since I’m practically glued to my phone. We sort of talked and he was interesting… I couldn’t tell if he was a bore or if he was intriguing to me or not so I went with intriguing because if I couldn’t figure him out that meant that there was possibly something that semi attracted me to him, so I tried to keep up a conversation with this lame brain (honestly he sort of was though). Also, not going to lie, I had another reason for talking to him (I’m such a user, sorry everyone lol, I’ll admit that); I really wanted to meet his dog because it’s SUCH a cute corgi. So yeah… We didn’t really talk at times, but one night he texted me saying there was a girl he got matched with on Bumble or something (yes i have it too, I mean times of modern dating right?). So I was like oh really who? He said some Asian girl. I was like wow, that’s so very descriptive. Is she cute? He was like idk, I haven’t met her yet. In my mind, I was like omg… This guy REALLY doesn’t know how to flirt, like I just cannot deal with this right now lol. So he went with the lame way of oh I like your dress in your picture and I said it’s a Vietnamese dress and he offered some tidbit of his ex-girlfriend that I REALLY didn’t need to know since I hadn’t even met him yet and it had only been like 3 days ish since speaking to him and he was boring me to death. I was like what the heck.. like ok.. lol.. So eventually I did meet his dog and take his dog out on a walk with my friend. SUPER cute. We did that for like 2 weeks until finals week hit. Then this is when shit hit the fan.

I think sometime during that week, I asked him to go to a movie because I know he wanted to watch it, but I didn’t mean it in a date way ( I could definitely see why he thought that and I should’ve clarified as I typed that message), but I definitely didn’t mean it in that way. Like I honestly felt bad that i just wanted to see his corgi all the time and not really get to know him as a person, as a friend you know? Well, asshole didn’t respond at all. I don’t give a shit if you say no dude, like I’d rather have the truth than no respond asshole. Also, don’t assume you know what I fucking want, like you don’t fucking know me, so don’t assume shit you don’t know. Get to know me and not be a douchebag! So that happened and sometime that week my friend said you should talk to her because she definitely doesn’t want a relationship and whatnot and he did and I didn’t like it because it felt like he was forced to talk to me even though my friend said he wasn’t. i was like whatever, I’m really annoyed (it was finals week and I was PMSING my ass off, so it was just not a good combination). He did stupid small talk that honestly pissed me off even more because it’s like you should ask and actually talk to me as a fucking person instead of treating me like dirt. He pretty much made a fool of me and mugged me off so I think that’s what got me the most; I was pretty embarrassed the whole week and was mad and PMSING and emotional, so just it was a shit week and I was just overwhelmed.

So sometime that week too, I finished finals already and i wanted to see his dog, and my friend and I both texted him, and no response. So the reason why he didn’t want to keep talking to me or get my “hopes” up was because he had unresolved shit with his ex or some crap like that.  Now this is another issue with me (sorry, I’m just a nitpicky af person). Anyway, like don’t go on Tinder or ANYTHING if you still have unresolved shit with someone. Fix that crap first and then if you can’t then you can do whatever you want to get over the person, but the moment you start talking to me or showing interest in me AND you still have unresolved shit and start pushing me away because of it, just don’t please. I would rather not be involved in ANY way shape or form with your shit. Like please, as picky and shallow and complicated as I may seem, I really do like the simpler way of things, like drama and unresolved issues, I just don’t want any form of involvement like even knowing if you have unresolved drama or issues just makes me go ugh, please no. Also, like I said you don’t know what i want like dude, I don’t want a relationship, I really don’t, so don’t assume please.

So apparently he was supposed to talk to her and possibly get back to her, and I’m not sure what happened with that. We assumed that he got back with her and he maybe just got weird and awkward with my friend and I and just don’t want us to see the dog or just don’t want to see us. For me though it’s like dude, we’re not doing anything wrong like if your girlfriend has a problem (if he got back with her), I get it, but if you can’t act like a fucking normal human being and let us see the dog like what the fuck, grow up please (I’ sorry for all the cursing today in this post, but I’m just obviously annoyed lol). Like dude you’re 28 years old for crying out loud, like you’ve been in the army or military before, like I know you’ve gone through a lot of things people haven’t, but come on, you can definitely act normal around us. He uses the excuse that he’s an extreme introvert, but now I don’t believe that bullshit because I honestly think he’s just a fucking straight up douchebag/asshole. I really tried to put it off as being an introvert, but that doesn’t give him an excuse to be an asshole; like I tried to be fair and not make assumptions or put a label or judge, but you’re making it difficult buddy.

So since that week I haven’t tried to contact him or anything because whatever lol. Not seeing the dog though makes me really sad. He really made my day, like darn now I need to get me a dog lol. Anyway, so funny story, my housemate made a Tinder again for like literally a few hours because she was bored (this happened yesterday) and apparently he super liked her and like he started messaging her and I was like omfg, hahaha. I wasn’t mad or annoyed, I just thought it was freaking hilarious and stupid honestly. Like you can message my housemate on Tinder, but you can’t even respond a yes or no to my friend and I to WALK your dog, like not SEE YOU or flirt with you or whatever you think but to see and walk your dog. Like jerk. That’s all I can say obviously lol. So today I was like you know what? Forget this, I really just want to see his dog, like what do I have to lose texting him. SO I was really nice texting him like hey I hope you had a good break and you passed your class or whatever. Are you free for me to see your dog tomorrow. Yeah, no response. The asshole. Like honestly I know i should drop it, but being prideful and stubborn, I feel like I can’t and it’s just going to bug me so I’m pretty close to just texting him something rude and calling him out for his shit because he’s a grown person, like he can’t be an adult about this? Like dude, don’t flatter yourself and assume we all want you because we don’t. You might dress decently and look pretty handsome, BUT your personality could use some work on honestly and I have tried to get to know you and not think you’re a jerk, but you’re making it harder for me to not think that, so your loss. Like I literally just like your dog, not you. Also, I can go out and find guys lol honestly.  Anyway… That’s pretty much it. Sorry for this long rant lol. it’s just been bugging me the whole time and idk what to do about it yet, but knowing me, I might actually say something because I feel like the more I leave it alone and forget, the more it’s going to eventually bug me,  so we’ll see what happens.

So that’s all for now, just a rant. I haven’t posted any updates about my adventures because I went to Vegas recently and what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas ;).

See y’all next time though! Thanks for reading beautiful people.



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