Tipsy McFadden’s

March 11, 2017

Finally, a REALLY REALLY recent weekend lol. At least I’ve finally sort of caught up huh?

This was last weekend and my big from one of my other organizations that I used to be in was visiting this weekend and he asked me prior to that night if I wanted to hang out with him and some other friends that I knew plus other people and I was like of course!! I would love to hang out with y’all and spend some time catching up.

The time came for him to pick me up and we went to our friend’s house to pregame. He was picking up his friends from Northern California who were visiting and going out with us that night so we just waited for a bit until they got back. We started a little ahead of everyone else who was coming that night and then we all took shots together as everyone arrived.

We went to downtown SD and at first they had planned on going to Crazy Goose, but they wanted to go to Analog since there was no line so we went to Analog and my friend’s friend from NorCal got us drinks while everyone else had to go to the bathroom and by everyone, I mean literally everyone else from our group. We started to dance first and I really liked her, she was super sweet for getting me a drink when she didn’t have to and we just started dancing together (I love people who know how to dance and get down and just get loose, if y’all didn’t realize that already haha). So we danced and everyone else came back and got drinks. We just all danced together and I saw some pretty good looking guys that night so I was like hmm, maybe I might ask them to dance if they don’t approach me first. Someone ordered tequila shots at one point and we all took them (Crazy). After that, this one guy who I thought was attractive was still looking over at me or us whatever, so I just called to him to come over and asked him to dance. I honestly didn’t even know what he was saying because he was from another country or something and his accent was so hard to understand.

The funniest part was probably everyone else’s reaction because they don’t really see me dance with guys normally, so they  were like :O… Haha I only danced with him for about 2 minutes because they wanted to leave to go to somewhere else, so we went to honestly, I’m not sure if it was Tipsy Crow or McFadden’s after, but I mean we went to both eventually so I’ll just talk about both.

When we went to Tipsy Crow, we just danced for a bit and we didn’t do much except dance on the main floor. At McFadden’s, I was super stoked to try a new bar because I had never been there so it was really interesting. They had deals for shots, so we took shots right when we got into the bar on the first floor. After that, we went upstairs to see what was going on. At one point some girls started to go up on top of the bar and my friend’s friend who was visiting wanted to go up so I was like why the heck not? LOL We went up on the bar and they gave every girl a dixie cup of beer, but the guys wouldn’t let us drink it (I didn’t want to drink it anyway), so they motioned to us to give them the cups and they drank it all for us (super sweet). So she and I danced on top of the bar with the other girls and we had such a blast doing it too. Everyone else danced on the floor and then after a while we went down. At one point, I don’t know WHOSE idea it was to order MORE shots, but someone ordered A LOT of Jaeger shots and i was like oh gosh, this is bad lol. We took them though because that would be a waste of whoever’s money ordered them. After that, we left and we wanted to go back to Analog so we did.

When we got there, some guy started dancing near us and then started dancing with me and everyone was like oh gosh again Tiffany? haha, I danced with him until the end and he asked for my number and I was like eh, sure why not (not like I normally give out my number anyway) So I gave it to him and we left to go get ubers. The issue was someone disappeared and we had no clue where we went and we tried to look and wait for him and eventually we figured out what happened to him. Let’s just say it wasn’t great at all… I won’t go into detail because it’s serious, but he wasn’t with us at the end of the night. He’s ok, just the whole situation was weird.

So that’s it for this night. It was a pretty fun night overall though, don’t get me wrong. Till next time beautiful people!


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