Another Night, Another Experience

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted something because school and work have both been hitting me from both sides, but now I have a little bit of time to post what’s been going on in life, so without further ado, let’s get started.

Previously (2 weekends ago)…

Of course I went out again; like I may have mentioned in one of my previous posts, I enjoy going out not for the drinking, like everyone else assumes is the point of going out (no, it’s not), but I enjoy going out to relieve stress and to just enjoy myself and have new experiences. So of course you can guess where I went since I’m now a regular at the dang place and they do have good acts they have contracts with. I went with a large group this time (10 people total, including me), but of course I eventually went to do my own thing.

Before I did that, I said hi to the barback I met a few weeks ago and it was just sooo cute because I saw him on the first floor and it wasn’t crazy crowded yet and I waved hi and right away, he stopped whatever he was doing and went around the bar to give me a hug and say hi ah. Why do all of these attractive, nice guys have girlfriends LOL. Anyway, I just said hi and went to explore with everyone else, “explore,” since I know the layout of the freaking club off the top of my head lol. We just chilled for a bit and a friend and I got a drink of course from one of my favorite bartenders. I didn’t get to speak much to him because it was a bit busy, so not much on that end, but the night was very interesting.

After everyone dispersed, I stayed on the 2nd floor (of course) and just danced all over the place and met some people. Eventually I wanted another drink so I went to the bar and a guy named Samuel from Spain started talking to me. He was actually very sweet and bought me a drink. He was willing to try a Sex on the Beach (one of the most girliest drinks ever) because I don’t think he realizes how girly of a drink it is categorized as lol, but he said it was good so… haha. It was funny because after he got the bill, he commented how cheap I was (in a good way) because I guess most girls exploit/take advantage of the fact when a guy buys a drink so they go for more expensive drinks. I was like what…? I love this drink and TO ME it’s expensive as heck haha sooo whatever you say *shrug*, like thanks for getting me a drink though haha. We talked for a bit and he asked me to dance, but I told him that I was going to look for my friends and I didn’t want to dance. He said I don’t know how to dance well, but something something. i was like I’m sorry! He was super sweet and said it was ok and that it was his friend’s birthday so he was trying to look for him and that if he ran into me he’d say hi or he would find me later (what a sweetheart). A little after that I walked to go near the island on the 2nd floor and all of a sudden a guy wants a hug and he literally carries me up LOL and was like I love your top (note: I WAS WEARING A JUMPSUIT LOL), but I humored him and said aw thank you and he said how gorgeous I was and wanted a dance, but I said no and then he asked if he could buy me a drink, but I said I already had a boyfriend and I drink (obviously, not the boyfriend, but definitely the drink). Then all of a sudden i walk towards the bathroom and another guy comes up to me and compliments me and offers to buy me a drink. Wow, I honestly barely get guys to buy me drinks, but that night I had 3 freaking guys within the span of 5 minutes want to buy me drinks. What a freaking record huh? I swear the magic of that jumpsuit of something. Anyway, I escaped to the rooftop bathroom to talk to the bathroom attendant that I know who has sort of become a good confidante and friend of mine as well and I told her that I was sort of hiding because it was sort of scary how so many guys approached me since none want to approach me really (I’m not that scary people) and now like 3 guys want to buy me drinks like what…? So I took a breather and then I went back into the wild (just kidding). I went back to the 2nd floor and I danced by some girls who were pretty nice and talked to them for a bit. Then I walked over to another part of the floor because guys were starting to creep on me and I was definitely not going to fend them off by myself. So I went to the other side and this one cute guy and I started dancing with one another and things led to another and… Let’s just leave it at, my lipstick definitely did not stay on my lips that night (hahaha) and neither did my own body. He lifted me up at one point (what is it with these guys and lifting you up?) and yeah… The rest is definitely history LOL… I started to get hot and whatnot all of a sudden (no pun intended), so I told him I was going to the bathroom and he told me he’d be waiting and honestly I just left to the bathroom and came back out to find my friends because they started texting me. We all met up on the 2nd floor and they started explaining to me how things got interesting for them on the first floor and how some girl almost started a fight with my big (what the freak is wrong with people?!?) Anyway, that’s all that really happened for that night. My big ended up getting more drunk than I’ve seen him and we all went home happy and tired.

Sorry for the REALLY late post (this is now from like 3-4 weeks ago, but hey I posted it so be happy :)) Just kidding, seriously, I’m sorry I haven’t been in too much of a writing mood, but now I want to get back into it because people are so ugh, I don’t get them, but anyway, until my next adventure!! Love all you readers!


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