Tipsy McFadden’s

March 11, 2017

Finally, a REALLY REALLY recent weekend lol. At least I’ve finally sort of caught up huh?

This was last weekend and my big from one of my other organizations that I used to be in was visiting this weekend and he asked me prior to that night if I wanted to hang out with him and some other friends that I knew plus other people and I was like of course!! I would love to hang out with y’all and spend some time catching up.

The time came for him to pick me up and we went to our friend’s house to pregame. He was picking up his friends from Northern California who were visiting and going out with us that night so we just waited for a bit until they got back. We started a little ahead of everyone else who was coming that night and then we all took shots together as everyone arrived.

We went to downtown SD and at first they had planned on going to Crazy Goose, but they wanted to go to Analog since there was no line so we went to Analog and my friend’s friend from NorCal got us drinks while everyone else had to go to the bathroom and by everyone, I mean literally everyone else from our group. We started to dance first and I really liked her, she was super sweet for getting me a drink when she didn’t have to and we just started dancing together (I love people who know how to dance and get down and just get loose, if y’all didn’t realize that already haha). So we danced and everyone else came back and got drinks. We just all danced together and I saw some pretty good looking guys that night so I was like hmm, maybe I might ask them to dance if they don’t approach me first. Someone ordered tequila shots at one point and we all took them (Crazy). After that, this one guy who I thought was attractive was still looking over at me or us whatever, so I just called to him to come over and asked him to dance. I honestly didn’t even know what he was saying because he was from another country or something and his accent was so hard to understand.

The funniest part was probably everyone else’s reaction because they don’t really see me dance with guys normally, so they  were like :O… Haha I only danced with him for about 2 minutes because they wanted to leave to go to somewhere else, so we went to honestly, I’m not sure if it was Tipsy Crow or McFadden’s after, but I mean we went to both eventually so I’ll just talk about both.

When we went to Tipsy Crow, we just danced for a bit and we didn’t do much except dance on the main floor. At McFadden’s, I was super stoked to try a new bar because I had never been there so it was really interesting. They had deals for shots, so we took shots right when we got into the bar on the first floor. After that, we went upstairs to see what was going on. At one point some girls started to go up on top of the bar and my friend’s friend who was visiting wanted to go up so I was like why the heck not? LOL We went up on the bar and they gave every girl a dixie cup of beer, but the guys wouldn’t let us drink it (I didn’t want to drink it anyway), so they motioned to us to give them the cups and they drank it all for us (super sweet). So she and I danced on top of the bar with the other girls and we had such a blast doing it too. Everyone else danced on the floor and then after a while we went down. At one point, I don’t know WHOSE idea it was to order MORE shots, but someone ordered A LOT of Jaeger shots and i was like oh gosh, this is bad lol. We took them though because that would be a waste of whoever’s money ordered them. After that, we left and we wanted to go back to Analog so we did.

When we got there, some guy started dancing near us and then started dancing with me and everyone was like oh gosh again Tiffany? haha, I danced with him until the end and he asked for my number and I was like eh, sure why not (not like I normally give out my number anyway) So I gave it to him and we left to go get ubers. The issue was someone disappeared and we had no clue where we went and we tried to look and wait for him and eventually we figured out what happened to him. Let’s just say it wasn’t great at all… I won’t go into detail because it’s serious, but he wasn’t with us at the end of the night. He’s ok, just the whole situation was weird.

So that’s it for this night. It was a pretty fun night overall though, don’t get me wrong. Till next time beautiful people!

Mardi Gras Tuesday

Mardi Gras, I have never really celebrated it at all, but this year I was like hmm, seems like it would be fun going to Backyard in PB since it was a Tuesday night and Tuesday nights are super fun at Backyard.

This night, it was a duo night, so it was my cousin and I who went together. We pregamed a little bit and then went on our way. When we got there, it was pretty packed already and seemed super fun. She had never been to Backyard before so I was pretty excited to take her there. We danced at first on the dance floor and then went to the outer area to dance because it was more airy there. While she was dancing, she accidentally bumped into a girl and the girl spilled her drink. I was like, oh crap honestly because I really didn’t want a fight to ensue over a spilled drink (to me it’s sort of petty because yes it’s a paid drink, but it’s something you can replace). Anyway, my cousin went to the bar to buy her another drink and I told her, you better make sure she doesn’t rip you off because spilt drink or not, she has to do right and order the same drink. It didn’t seem like the girl ordered anything expensive, so after that whole debacle, we left to go dance again.

We wanted to order a drink so we went to the bar and one of the bartenders from Omnia works there, so we went up to him because I’ve spoken to him a few times before, but he never seems to remember my name ever. Of course he didn’t remember it this time either lol. Whatever, but he was nice and we talked to him for a bit and got a drink all the while leaving him a decent tip. We drank it and danced of course.

A little later, we wanted something else because apparently she wasn’t drunk enough yet (I’m pretty sure she was, but according to the crap that was being spewed from her mouth, she wasn’t). Against my better judgement, we ordered another drink (I was ok for sure because I can handle a decent amount of alcohol, but i wasn’t too sure about her).

Anyway, this is when s*** starts to almost go down (excuse my language). So we went to another bartender this time and my cousin starts to wave at him and try to get his attention. i was honestly about to smack her because you’re just not supposed to wave down bartenders. They have a pretty good feel for who got to the bar first, so you’re always supposed to wait your turn and just be patient. She kept waving at him and i was getting so pissy because it’s like what the freak?? Is this how you treat the bartenders??! Like what?! I told her she shouldn’t be waving them down like that because they will ignore you even more and not get to you until later. Not only that, but they get really annoyed with you and I just didn’t want a bartender to hate us or get annoyed by us because of something so trivial. So we got a drink and this is when it gets even MORE stupid. I asked her how much I should tip him and I was thinking about $3.00 or so, so it would make the total come out to $16.00. She gave me $10 in cash at that moment and I asked her if this covers part of the other bartender’s tip from earlier and if the rest is for this guy and she kept saying I gave you a $10 and I’m like I KNOW, but is the rest for this guy so should I give him $5 for tip. She eventually got it and shut up, but then I told her I was giving him $3.00 then and I settled for $3.00 but her freaking drunk a** (sorry) kept saying why are you giving him $16.00?!?! And I was like WTF are you talking about??! I’m giving him THREE DOLLARS. $13 + $3= $16 and she kept arguing like that with me for a good few minutes and I was getting so heated and annoyed. I honestly wanted to punch my own cousin like it was RIDICULOUS. I was like why the freak is this argument even happening like wtf. And honestly she ruined my night with how she conducted herself with the bartenders and whatnot.

So after that whole thing went down, we went to go dance and I ran into a friend of mine who was with his roommates. I hadn’t seen or gone out with him for a while so it was surprising. We caught up for a bit and he updated me on his love life. He told me how it was weird being officially single again, but it was interesting. We ended up hanging out with him and his roommate for the rest of the night, but it was so much fun.

After, we were thinking about possibly hanging out with them at their place, but what happened was a security guy came up to his roommate and outright accused him of being all over this one girl when all he did was ask her to dance and she rejected him. I was like as attractive as you are security guy, don’t start spewing crap that isn’t true like what the heck? We saw what happened you idiot, don’t try to be all macho. Yeah, some other security guys ran after some other guys too, so I don’t really know what was going on that night lol.

So my cousin and I just went home and oh before we left Backyard though, we said bye to our friend and I apologized on behalf of my cousin to the other guy because of her waving him down and whatnot and he said it was ok and that most times they just ignore whoever waves them down anyway lol (thanks for that tidbit). I also got his name because for me, I just feel that it’s appropriate to get people’s names and get to know them. I could tell he appreciated that we were apologizing though, so it was good (why am I always apologizing for people lol…) Anyway, we went back to my place and that’s that.

What a stupid night, but whatever it’s over and done with and there’s more nights to come anyway.

Hasta la vista my lovely readers.

Triple the Fun

February 24, 2017 (have to date it since this was from a few weeks ago)

Like I mentioned in Party at the Zoo, I skipped the night before because Elephante at Omnia was more recent and was one that I had more fun at.

This night, we went bar hopping in downtown (ACTUAL bar hopping LOL since last time we didn’t actually hop anywhere at all). It was super last minute because I got off work at 10 that night, but my cousin asked me if I wanted to go out with her and her friend and I was like, you know what, why not? I don’t have that much going on, so why not. So we agreed on going to downtown to go to the bars there. I asked my housemate if she wanted to go and she was iffy at first, but she ended up agreeing on going for once (WOW). So then we drank a little bit of sake that we had leftover from dinner the night before and we headed out on our way.

We first went to Tipsy Crow because I had heard a lot of interesting and good things about it from a lot of my other friends. It was a pretty cool place; it was different in that the first floor where the entrance was had a bar and then upstairs there was a game area where you could play pool or play air hockey and whatnot. Then downstairs.. sort of a basement looking place was where the “dance floor” was. That was interesting because I honestly wasn’t sure how I felt about the music they were playing that night and the crowd that was downstairs. It just felt weird, so we went back  upstairs, but the girls weren’t really feeling it (of course), so we ended up leaving. We were going to go back to Analog (ugh can’t they just try different places sometimes and leave their comfort zone?), but we got stopped by this really sweet promoter (a girl) who told us if we wanted to go to f6ix, she could get us in and get us some complimentary drinks. We were like eh, what the heck, why not? So we went and it was an interesting underground dance club. We got some free champagne and we sort of stood off to one corner drinking and talking because the vibe of the club was sort of weird. We weren’t used to the crowd that was there and wasn’t sure if we wanted to stay there.

While we were standing in our little corner, I got pulled by some guys who were VERY touchy. I was uncomfortable because they were very, very, VERY direct and I didn’t appreciate them getting all up in my space. One guy came very close to me and told me that he really liked my style of dress and it was really fancy looking and whatnot and I responded with a “Thank you,” and I don’t remember if he asked me to dance or not, but if he did I said no, but thank you. Then another guy comes up to me and literally takes me by the ends of my jacket and pulls me to him and tries to dance with me Now this, I REALLY didn’t appreciate and I didn’t really try to dance with him at all and he tells me you act like you’ve never danced with a guy. I honestly wanted to laugh in his face because if he knew how my weekends were, he wouldn’t say something like that. It wasn’t offensive to me, it was more funny and ironic if anything. So I told him that it was girls night and I just wanted to dance with my girls. After that, we were like NOPE, definitely not staying here so we left as soon as possible (we practically ran out of there) and we went to Double Deuce.

This was a really cool bar because on one side it was country and the other where the mechanical bull was, it was mainstream, hip hop, etc… We stayed on the side where the mechanical bull was and it was really cool watching people attempt to stay on the bull. Anyway, we just danced and a guy came up to me once again and we danced for a bit, but I really wasn’t interested, so I stopped after a while and all of us girls just danced together until the end.

After that, we just ended up waiting for an Uber to go home and we did. Overall, it was a decently fun night; I mean we got free champagne right? Haha!

Till next time y’all!

Avec Amour!

Party at the Zoo

I definitely skipped the night before, but this was for the weekend of February 25th. I went out the night before on Friday, but I’ll post that afterwards because this was a pretty fun night and was one of the more recent ones.

This was an Omnia night (at least I haven’t been there for 3 weeks now LOL). Anyway, yay for Omnia nights. I went with my two roommates, my cousin and her boyfriend, and my roommate’s boyfriend again, so it was the 6 of us once again. Elephante was the artist who was playing which is why the title of this blog is Party at the Zoo.

We got to Omnia and I was feeling some sort of way already since we pre-gamed before we left. I surprisingly was feeling it earlier than usual, but I assume it’s because I took 4 shots in the span of a few minutes. Anyway, we waited in line for a bit and got in. I was trying to find my big from one of my organizations, so we went up to the rooftop to chill and possibly get a drink. My big found me and I disappeared with him to go say hi to some of his friends who I knew who were there. We took pictures and I ended up hanging out with him for a bit. We wanted to get drinks so we went to the 2nd floor and he got us both drinks (super sweet!). He and I talked and hung out for a bit because I wanted him to catch me up on everything that was going on in his life and to check if he was ok with certain situations he was in. Afterwards, he wanted to go to the first floor and I went with him, but there was a mini line for the dance floor, so I left and he went to go find his friends on the main floor.

Some of my friends were working on the main floor so I stopped by really quick to say hi to them and honestly, I didn’t remember giving them hugs or not or vice-versa, but according to my roommate, I told her they did (this is one of those rare nights I’m not really.. myself lol).

Anyway, after that I went up to the 2nd floor to say hi to my other friend and to meet up with my housemate. We met up and I got another drink for she and I because she wasn’t as “there” as I was and she wanted another drink. We shared a mind eraser and we went to go dance. We ended up running into everyone else on the 2nd floor and for the rest of the night, we stayed on the 2nd floor jamming to the music and just feeling all sorts of ways. My housemate and I spoke with some guys who were dancing with us, but eh, they weren’t that interesting. A few guys came up to speak to me, but that night I wasn’t interested in anyone and just wanted to dance with the girls and guys. I also went to go talk to the bathroom attendants that I made friends with on the 2nd and 3rd floor, to see what was going on in their lives as well.

After that, I just went back to dance with the rest of the group until the end of the night. I have to say, this was one of my sloppier nights. I remember spilling water at the bar in front of my friend and I felt a little bit embarrassed because usually I’m not that sloppy, but that night I was. It was a fun night though and I don’t regret anything that happened at all that night.

Once Omnia started kicking people out, we headed to Brian’s 24 in downtown to go eat because Uber prices were crazy and we were all hungry. We waited in line and once we got in, all of us scarfed down the food like we had never eaten food before. Everything tasted so good, but I’m assuming it’s from all of the alcohol that we consumed in all honesty. Anyway, that’s pretty much all that happened for that night. Not too eventful.

Till next time y’all! Sorry for the super late posts, like I said before, I just haven’t been in the writing/typing mode lately, but I’ll try to update y’all with my adventures as soon as possible!

Avec amour!








First Bar in Downtown

What a lame title, but it’s the best I could think of right now since it’s been weeks since this happened. (This happened a few weeks ago, but I will talk about it as if it happened recently).

So my cousin’s first and new boyfriend came down to SD this weekend and she asked if we wanted to go out to show him a night out on the town, and I’ve been wanting to meet him, so of course I agreed to go. I asked everyone else (my two roommates) if they wanted to and eventually everyone went. So it was my cousin, her boyfriend, my two roommates, my roommate’s boyfriend whom I don’t like, and myself who went out. We decided to go to a bar and POTENTIALLY go bar hopping because we’ve never been out in downtown San Diego before for a bar, just for Omnia usually, so we said that we would explore a bit. My cousin wanted to take him to Omnia, but I was like definitely not. You could go without me because I’ve gone the past 2 weeks, but I am definitely not going. Since I’m the only one who talks and knows most of the people there, they feel weird when they don’t go with me, so they just agreed on going to a bar for now. We went to Analog in downtown SD because we’ve heard only great things about it. It was an interesting place, different vibes from when we go clubbing at Omnia obviously, a lot more chill, but still with good vibes. It had a bar room and then the next room was the tiny as freak dance floor with the DJ stage. It was a very interesting setup and layout.


I told myself that I wasn’t going to get a drink and I was proud of myself because I saved money and didn’t. My roommate shared what she got with me and I drank only a bit of it because she did after all buy it with her money or her boyfriend bought it for her with his money (who knows?). Anyway, they got drinks and we decided to check out the dance floor. It was fun, but crowded and SOO hot. The music was popping though; the DJ really knew what type of music to play. After a while, it got so hot we just went outside to the bar area and danced around that area. Everyone started to do their own thing and then a guy came up to my roommate whose single to talk to her.

I wasn’t jealous that she was talking to a guy or that a guy was talking to her, but after a while,  I just wasn’t feeling it at all and felt uncomfortable and very, very insecure. It’s a feeling that I haven’t had in a while and it just felt really foreign to me. Even though the music was good, I just didn’t want to dance anymore and wanted to be the party pooper for once and go home. I kept saying I was fine, but I definitely wasn’t. I just hated being the 7th or whatever wheel I was then. My cousin had her boyfriend and my roommate had her boyfriend and my roommate kept talking to the one short (sorry), doctor guy who approached her earlier in the night. I wasn’t lonely, I really just wasn’t feeling it because my cousin and my roommate started dancing with me and honestly, it annoyed me because I didn’t want them to FEEL obligated to dance with me because I was “alone.” Even if they wanted to dance with me, I felt like they sort of had an obligation even though they would’ve rather danced the night away with their boyfriends. So I was just feeling insecure, like I was ugly as freak and no one wanted to talk to me or approach me because I was fat and didn’t meet their standards. Honestly, I just wanted to cry; I kept going to the bathroom because I didn’t want to be there and the bathroom helped me calm down a bit. After though, I just didn’t want to go back out and had to force myself every time.

I guess what pissed me off as well was they kept asking me if we wanted to go somewhere else and I said where else do y’all want to go? They kept dancing and kept ignoring the question and it’s like if you REALLY want to go somewhere else either tell me or find somewhere to go because I’m not wasting my time, like we’re just going to end up spending most of our night here if y’all don’t answer. Like seriously I’m not the one doing all of the searching and the work for your asses all the fucking time, do something for once instead of making me do all the shit. We ended up staying there because it was too late to go anywhere else (honestly, I knew it, I don’t like sounding like a know-it-all, but I knew we wouldn’t go anywhere else) lol. Afterwards, they wanted to go eat and i was like um, no. If y’all go eat, I’m about to take an Uber home by myself because I am definitely not feeling it and  I definitely did not want to eat. They started agreeing, but then my roommate’s stupid boyfriend kept bringing up that we should just walk somewhere to eat to wait for Uber prices to go down and we did, but there was a line and I was like of freaking course. Honestly, I really just wanted to go home for once because all I wanted to do was crawl in bed and cry all of my misery out. Thank goodness the Uber prices went down and we were able to get one to go home because I am telling you (sorry for how depressing this night is), but I was being the Debbie downer and wanting to go home. The moment we got in the Uber, the funniest thing happened, we all fell asleep LOL. I didn’t realize we were that tired, but apparently we were. We all fell asleep and all ended up home safe and sound. Yay.

So, that’s all for this night, not much happened except for me transforming to a freaking Debbie Downer, sadly. That’s all for now readers! Until next time ❤