My Type of Stress Relieving

So, of course another night at Omnia. I am a regular aren’t I? Haha! Honestly, it’s my happy place, not just because I know people, but because I do enjoy myself there when I can. Like I said before, I actually do enjoy the artists that come there otherwise, why else would I go so often? Honestly this night wasn’t that interesting, but I’m just so used to talking about my adventures, just so bear with me on this one.


People kept flaking on me tonight, so I ended up going with my big from one of my organizations and his casual girlfriend I guess you can say? LOL. They’re casually dating, let’s just leave it at that lol. I do like her though so hopefully, it’ll progress from casually dating to actually dating. Anyway, we went for 3lau and I have never seen the guest list line SOO long. We waited for at least over an hour or so just to get in. It was just ridiculous. I didn’t know that that many people knew about 3lau or liked 3lau. I’ve seen him before and thought he was amazing, but I didn’t think his name was that large yet. Guess I was wrong because that guest list line was freaking long. It was so cold and boring just waiting there, but we eventually got in.

We went to the bathroom first and then went upstairs to most likely get drinks. I also wanted to show my big’s casual date every floor first and then we went to go get drinks. My bartender friend was there and I just told him to make me something strong and to surprise me because I wasn’t sure what I wanted and I was already sober. We got drinks and it was sort of weird because some guy just sort of passed us a drink, and no it wasn’t laced with anything or sketch because we were standing right there when my bartender friend made it for him, so I don’t know why he suddenly gave us a drink, but oh well. Free drink right? So we got drinks and chilled a bit before we went to go dance on the 2nd floor. They left to go to the first floor, but I stayed up on the 2nd floor and ended up dancing with some guy who wasn’t terrible looking. If he didn’t really make a move to dance with me, I honestly might have ended up asking him anyway haha. It was nice dancing with him, he wasn’t such a bad dancer lol. We just danced for a while and then he said he was going to be right back and I took that time to go to the bathroom to see if the bathroom attendant I normally talk to was there and to fix myself because I honestly was becoming a hot mess, literally haha. She wasn’t there, unfortunately, but I fixed myself anyway. It was so hot and sweaty or at least I was lol. After I fixed myself, I went to the bar and had the intention of getting myself another drink, but my bartender friend I’m for sure didn’t allow me to have one, and he just kept asking if I wanted water. I was sort of confused and a little annoyed, but he took care of me well. I mean he usually always does lol. Anyway, he gave me a few glasses of water and I sort of spoke with him, but it was short because of how busy it was. He told me he forgot to respond back to me and I was like uh huh… Sure… If I see him again this week (no lie I might go, like I said I’m a regular, I’m just not even going to ask lol). Anyway some guys came up to talk to me and this time I was a bit more receptive even if they weren’t cute. I guess I was in some sort of good mood haha. Some guys came up to me and asked why there were so many more Asians than usual. They asked if it was because it was Chinese New Year. I said maybe? I mean it was Chinese New Year, but I wasn’t sure if they came just to celebrate. So that was interesting…

Then, some English guy came up to me and talked to me and said he was playing at the golf tournament that was happening that weekend and it was interesting, but I wasn’t super interested. He was attractive though, not going to lie haha. Afterwards, he left and wanted a kiss on the cheek and then turned his head around for a peck on the lips which I obliged him with (internally I was going ok… interesting haha). Guess interesting is my word of the post this time around. Anyway, after that, some other people came up and talked to me, and I entertained them, but I wasn’t interested like always. My bartender friend oddly enough kept asking if I was ok. I kept saying yes and what’s funny is I’m pretty sure he’s seen me more intoxicated before and I wasn’t even that intoxicated anymore, but it was sweet that he was taking care of me.

After a bit, my big came up to me to see if I could get water for his casual girlfriend because she was feeling a little sick and so was he, so I tried to get water as quickly as I could, but the bar somehow got busy at that specific moment. I eventually got water though and they were ready to leave and I wanted to leave with them so I said bye to my bartender friends on that floor anyway and my friend gave me a hug over the bar, which was sweet. I didn’t get to say hi/bye to my other friends on the main floor because it was the most crowded and I didn’t want to walk through a bunch of people just to get through so I left.

Oh also, I also went up to another one of the bartenders I knew to see if he remembered me. He did, but somehow he forgot my name which is funny because last time he totally remembered and this time he thought my name started with a K LOL.

Anyway, there wasn’t anything too eventful that happened that night. It was a fun night; however and I thoroughly enjoyed it (probably because I was flying solo for most of the night). Now time for me to head off to bed.

See y’all next time and have a great rest of the week!