Sunday Fundays

Well, who would’ve known I would be out on a Sunday when a new quarter has started? Not me, but hey it was a 4 day weekend for me, so why not? As long as I did my work that needed to be done, it was ok for me to enjoy myself.

Coming back from my family wedding this weekend was a bit tiring and I honestly had a brief moment when I thought, “Should I really go to see Cash Cash at Omnia tonight?” It only lasted for a second before I told myself that I should go out and enjoy my Sunday night since I was off from classes for Martin Luther King Jr Day on Monday. So I went out to Omnia (of course) with my friends to see Cash Cash.

It was really scary because we almost didn’t make it in since we missed the guest list line cutoff, but we did make it in and that’s all that matters in the end. It was just a bit of a pain trying to talk to bouncers and managers to get in.

Once we got in though, it was PACKED. The first floor where the dance floor was, was just insanely crazy. I really had to go to the bathroom, but the bathroom line was super packed since it was the first floor and that’s where everyone was coming from. We went up the stairs to try the 2nd floor bathroom, but that was just as packed, so we went to the rooftop where most of my bartender friends were. I went to the bathroom first though and after that got a drink.

While waiting to get a drink, I ran into so many people I knew. It was sort of a pain and not fun running into almost everyone who is over 21 from school. I honestly enjoy going out to different places so that I wouldn’t run into so many people from school, but instead I see at least 10 different people I know. Who would’ve known that so many people would want to see Cash Cash on a Sunday night albeit it being a holiday the next day. I would’ve wanted to avoid everyone, but it’s inevitable I run into people I know because literally it was just packed with students from school. Also, I’m straight up not into people who are my age or younger than I am and I honestly prefer older guys, I might have mentioned in a previous post, but anyway it just was not the most ideal situation.

I was really looking forward to meeting a guy that night, so that sort of killed my vibe since I was going to have to be careful about who I spoke to lol. But other than that I was also really looking forward to have some fun and get down and dance since every other time I’ve gone something always ends up ruining my fun. Funny right?

Moving on, I went up to the roof and coincidentally, two of my bartender friends were there so it was great since my favorite bartender was there, the one who I think is REALLY attractive. He did this weird thing and was like look who it is?? Haha, he’s hilarious. My friend got a drink first and I got one after. I went with my normal Sex on the Beach drink, always one of my favorites. I also talked to the barback there who is attractive, but who I’m pretty sure is taken too sadly. He was super nice as well. Then there was my other bartender I met a few weeks ago and who my roommate said looked like my favorite bartender. Haha. I asked if he remembered me and he said if I remembered his name and I said his name and he was like NOPEE. I was like it totally is and I asked if he remembered mine and apparently he calls me Tiff, but it’s Tiffany, so hey a win for me? Haha! I’m getting to know these guys wayyy too well for being a regular… At least they all like me? I hope LOL… As a customer anyway, those tips right? I’m not sure if we’re at friend level yet; well the ones I Just met no, but the ones I’ve known for a bit, we SHOULD be, but who knows. I could be the annoying regular who always comes, but my favorite bartender said to someone that I was one of his favorite customers so… *shrug* I don’t know hahaha.

Oh also, we made friends with one of other bathroom attendants because I know she works hard and honestly when we work, for the MOST part, don’t we all sort of want people to talk to us? We don’t want anyone to think differently of us or to have people think they’re better than us you know? I do believe that we should should treat others how we would want to be treated. She called us regulars and I honestly agreed and don’t really have a problem with that haha.

Anyway, after, I ran into my little from one of my organizations and met up with my roommate who met up with some of her friends. I introduced myself to them and talked to some of them. They seemed chill enough, but I didn’t stay with them long enough to find out. We wanted to go downstairs to see Cash Cash, so we went down and danced for a bit.

Since my goal was trying to find a guy that night, I saw a few that were looking and one did try to talk to me, but it was his friend that I was trying to ask to dance (oops). So I asked his friend and he was pretty good looking, in my opinion. Dance wise… I wish he was a bit better, but it’s ok lol. He was nice enough I feel. After a bit, I saw another guy and he wasn’t that great looking, ok and I asked him to dance and he wanted to go up to the roof and “talk.” So we talked and then we started making out, no lie lol (I’ll be truthful so sorry for TMI). I think most of my lipstick ended up on his face somewhere LOL… He wanted to get to know more about me sort of, but eh I honestly wasn’t that interested and in all honesty, I’m a boring person who only talks about school and work, so… that’s that.

We went down to dance a bit more and it was really fun. I went to go say hi to my other two bartender friends who I knew were working at the 2nd floor bar and then I went to the bathroom. I knew the bathroom attendant from the 2nd floor because I’ve spoken with her and made friends with her previously, just small talk, but I’ve spoken with her. She’s super nice and didn’t remember my name, but she definitely remembers me from all of the other times I’ve come haha. She’s such a sweetheart, I really like her.

Afterwards, I went to go find the guy even though I honestly semi didn’t want to, but I did and we danced till the end when everyone had to leave. He didn’t ask for my number which is fine and my friends and I went to the pizza place next door to get some food and meet up with another friend we had come with. They got pizza while I sat and relaxed outside. I had a few guys approach me and I didn’t mind, but my friend kept pushing them away when I was fine to push them away if I wanted to, so that was sort of interesting lol.

While we waited, we ran into the barback we had just met at Omnia. I was like wait Hi! I didn’t recognize him without his hat, but we said hi and he came and sat with us for a bit and we just made small talk and got to know him which was nice. He’s such a sweetheart too. Anyway, we had to leave so we said bye to him and got in our Uber. And that’s that for that night. One of the best nights at Omnia I’ve had in a while and what a great Sunday as well. Great end to my weekend after seeing and reuniting with my family during the wedding. Well that’s all for now. You’ll be hearing more adventures from me soon.

A Plus Tard (sorry I have no accents)


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