Taco Tuesdays

Sorry for not posting lately y’all! It’s been a busy holiday and now it’s time to catch y’all up on what’s happened lately. So this will be a post about my night out last Tuesday in Pacific Beach. The reason why I went and tried out Tuesday was because someone had told me that Backyard in Pacific Beach was very fun on Tuesdays. I doubted this statement because it made no sense to me that people would go in the beginning/middle of the week. Anyway, let me get post started.

Last Tuesday night, it was supposed to be a house night out, but my housemate didn’t want to go out with us, so it was just my roommate and I. It was nice in all honesty though because I haven’t had the chance to go out with her like we used to, just the two of us, the dynamic duo. Her boyfriend is usually in the way, so I don’t usually get an opportunity like I did that night. We went to Backyard in Pacific Beach not only for me to check it out, but for us to possibly eat since it was Taco Tuesday :). I’m honestly not even a huge fan of tacos, but the deals seemed good.

So my roommate and I got in and we danced for a bit, but she said I didn’t look drunk enough nor even a little bit buzzed, so she wanted for me to get a drink. Not only that, but I also wanted to say hi to the bartender that had previously told me to go to Backyard because he worked there on Tuesdays. I wasn’t too sure if he was going to remember me, but oh well, whatever haha. Anyway, we went to the bar and she ordered for me an AMF. I wanted a Sex on the Beach (my drink), but she wanted me to feel and get more drunk, so I just agreed because it isn’t too bad of a drink anyway. I got my drink and we started to go dance and just walk around.

Let’s just say that there were a lot of creepy guys that night… I feel like it’s always an interesting night when we go out haha. We spent most of the night trying more so to run away from guys than anything. We had to pretend we were lovers because guys were just relentless in their attempt to flirt with us.

Before all of the encounters though, I forgot that ran into a bartender I knew at the club I frequent. He surprisingly said hi to me first and for a moment, I honestly didn’t recognize him without all of his clothes that he wears when he works at the club. I felt a little bad because it took me a moment to recognize him. He had to say Omnia for me to be sure that it was him haha. Anyway, now on to the sort of weird encounters

First encounter that I remember was a guy who saw us near the island fire pit thing. He seemed ok,nice enough, not too creepy. We just weren’t interested (obviously because she has a boyfriend and I’m just picky and shallow lol). He asked if either of us were taken and we said yes and he was like aww, I just had to ask though because both of y’all are pretty and we just said thanks and went on our way.

We went to go back to dance for a bit and even after I finished my drink, I still didn’t feel it surprisingly, so we went to go get me my Sex on the Beach. This time around, I asked the bartender if he remembered me. I had to mention the club I went to and met him at and then it clicked in his mind. He remembered my name started with a T, so I guess that’s something right? Haha. I didn’t get the chance to ask him if he remembered what my name was, but it’s ok, it was a really busy night. So after I got my drink, we just walked around and then got stopped by two guys in the middle of the hallway to go to the other bar. One guy was super pretty looking and asked me if I knew how to dance. I wasn’t that interested and I forgot exactly what I said, but he said oh I don’t dance with people who don’t know how to dance. I think I was a little bit offended, but I say the same thing or i just end up walking away from people who can’t really dance because I enjoy dancing. They weren’t the most interesting guys, so somehow we ended up walking away.

Then some guy who was walking by us stopped to talk to us because he said he liked my “dress,” and I told him it was a romper lol. He said I had good style and asked where I bought it at. We started talking and his brother came over and we all started talking to one another, but honestly my roommate talked more to them because after a while, I had to admit, I got bored of the conversation. I just cannot hold conversations with people anymore. I’m such a mean and harsh person now lol. I seriously feel like the worst person in the world to talk to now unless you really interest me. Anyway, I really did have to go to the bathroom, so we went to the bathroom and left the guys.

Later on during the night, some guys came up to us and tried to flirt with us and show off their assets. They told us to touch their pecs and touch their biceps. We did it, but I was really turned off by that and we just said we were together and they left us alone.

After, my roommate and I went back to the now crowded dance floor to dance. It was fun, but too crowded and hot. Guys were also just grabbing me without asking me. I did not appreciate it because it’s a pet peeve of mine when guys do that without asking. I know it is hard approaching a girl and possibly getting rejected, but it doesn’t give you to the right to touch the girl without first asking her and getting permission to. When a girl says no, she says no and that’s that. If she doesn’t say anything, but is obviously uncomfortable, that is her saying no as well. This one guy tried grabbing me once and I walked away. My roommate and I wanted to try to see how the other side was and the SAME guy did the same thing. Like no, there’s a reason why I walked away from you the first time. I walked away again and he KEPT holding on to me like come on, I’ve walked away twice now. I obviously do not want to dance with you. I also do not appreciate you touching me at all. I wanted to turn around and say something, but I didn’t want to start anything so I kept my mouth shut. Note to all ladies and even men, if someone grabs you or doesn’t ask your permission to dance with you, say something about it or just walk away. You don’t have to be nice and stay with them if you don’t want to. No means no. Anyway, towards the end of the night, my roommate and I found a place to sit, and we just sat there talking and then another guy approached us, but we both didn’t want to talk to him so we were telling him how we were lovers, BUT then her boyfriend came and I honestly got really upset because for the first time in forever, I got to spend the whole day with her, but he had to come and ruin in. Like I know you live in PB (Pacific Beach) and you want to get her for safety, but you’re ruining my girl’s night (like he always does). When he got there, he went straight to us (he was pretty much mad at her for talking to the guy) and was like hey baby and started making out with her right in front of the guy. Some people may think that’s cute and territorial (good territorial), but I honestly found it sort of disgusting because he’s always like that no matter what, his personality I mean. So he came and I just got annoyed and angry because he could’ve waited until the VERY end to get her at least or not bother us you know? Give us the FULL girl’s time. You practically monopolize her and isolate her from her friends anyway. So I was angry and we went to dance, but I was still annoyed. She was annoyed too because he was annoyed at her for even talking to a guy =.= I get it, you’re jealous, you don’t want her to talk to guys, but don’t ruin her damn fun. So we just danced until the end and then left. I didn’t really want to be in their presence, but they stayed with me until I took an Uber back so I’m grateful for that. Anyway, that’s all for Taco Tuesday for now! (We didn’t even eat tacos haha).


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