Dasher Night

This year was the first time I’ve been away from home during New Years, so I had planned on fully enjoying myself. For the first night, December 30, 2016, my housemate and I already had plans to go see Dash Berlin at Omnia. We had already seen him in Vegas during my birthday, but we both enjoyed him so much that we wanted to see him again. So that first night, we went to Omnia and it was raining. We were on the guest list, but we had to wait outside in the rain which just straight up sucked. We stupidly didn’t bring umbrellas nor jackets so we ended up standing there with no shelter and getting poured on. I pretty much became a drowned raccoon that night. I’m going to be a girl and make the complaint that I did my hair that night, and it just pretty much died sadly. All my hard work went to waste lol. Oh well.

While standing in line, some guys in front of us offered us their jackets to cover our head with and I refused at first, but my housemate accepted so I ended up going under the jacket with her because I didn’t want to get rained on anymore. It helped  a bit and it was nice of them to do that for us. They weren’t creepy guys, but like I said, I’m just picky and shallow, so I didn’t really want to talk to them. I guess I just don’t want to talk to anyone who doesn’t interest me as sad as that sounds =/. Sorry for being that type of person guys! Anyway, we finally got in after a while and we went straight to the bathroom to check what damage was done. It wasn’t as bad as we had thought, so we went to the bar where my bartender friend was working.

He saw us and said hi to us and said I want to talk to y’all, but I had customers and of course I always tell him, it’s ok because I understand it’s his job to work, not talk to us you know? I’m patient, like talk to us when you have time you know, I’m not forcing you to talk to me just because we’re here. Like no need to apologize, you have a job to do and money to make, I totally get it. Anyway, after he finished with the customers, he came over to us and of course asks how we were, what we’ve been up to, etc… He talked about his vacation and visiting family in Vegas and whatnot. I don’t know why, but that night he just kept on making fun of me. He never usually makes fun of me that much, but that night he was on a roll. I met a girl whom I really liked and we were just talking at the bar about how cute he was and what type of guys we were into and when he introduced himself to her, he kept making fun of me about how I come there often and how I roll in with my squad. He said I ALWAYS have a squad and asked where they were. I was very adamant in telling him that I did not always have a squad lol. He also told someone that he wasn’t sure about my housemate, but me, I’m ALWAYS drunk lol. When he made my drink that night as well, he had to shake it so he went all the way to the other end of the bar and exaggerated shaking it super hard and long and said wow, look what you made me do. I’m so tired from shaking your drink right now. That was such hard work. Gosh, I don’t know why he kept doing that and making fun of me that night, but he did.

When we had the chance to talk though, he asked me what type of guys I was into (I guess because the ones he sees hit on me are ones I’m not interested in). I said I’m really picky and shallow so no one and he didn’t believe me and I told him I’d tell him later why. He said there must be a guy somewhere here and I pretty much told him, nope (although I guess in a way I was lying because I’m interested in him, but he has a girlfriend, sadly lol). He also asked when I’m graduating and promised he would come and I told him I would hold him to it.

So on this night, we didn’t get hit on too much (thank goodness),but when we did, I was more so talking to my bartender friend and my housemate had to talk to them (sorry girl lol). One guy though towards the end came up to me and his friend tried talking to me first, but I pretty much rejected him earlier in the night. He came up and tried talking to me and I was being the rude bitch on my phone because I REALLY didn’t want to talk to him. i forgot what he asked me, but I pretty much told him, sorry it’s a girl’s night and I really don’t want to talk to anyone nor meet anyone tonight. He said it’s a guy’s night too and neither are we. In my mind, i was like then leave me alone lol,but I was still being semi-nice. He kept asking me the questions I honestly hate being asked (like I know they’re conversation starters, but they’re sort of boring). Then literally when the lights came on and the bar was closed and they were cleaning, he kept forcing me to get a drink and to drink with him. I was like no, I would not do that to my friends number one, and number two the bar is closing and he’s like nah and pointed at my friend and said he would probably make you one and I was like NO, I don’t want to drink nor and the bar is closed. I was getting so annoyed and he made a comment about how he liked how I was pretending to be on my phone, and I told him, no I was texting some friends to see where they were. I was getting so annoyed that I wanted to tell him that  yeah, I was on my phone because I wanted him to leave me the fuck alone, but like I said, I was still semi-nice.

Oh yeah, some guy kept trying to tap on my SnapChat to add himself and I said no. He then proceeded to try to tap on my phone on Facebook and other apps and I said no. These guys were just honestly so annoying that I wanted to punch them. Anyway, at the end of the night when they were kicking us off the rooftop, I said bye to my friend and he went around the bar and gave me a huge for the first time. That had never happened before, so it was really nice and weird in a way haha. Anyway, that’s all for Dash Berlin night!! 🙂 Stay tuned for New Years Day.


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