Cheers to 2017: Back to Omnia, What a Regular I’ve Become

New Years Day. My housemate and I went back to Omnia for another round. Woot. How exciting right? Well the main reason we went back to Omnia was because we wanted to go for Porter Robinson, a well-known EDM artist who was playing that night.

So once again, Omnia, I swear it’s sometimes embarrassing going because I go pretty often I feel haha. I guess I do, but that’s only because I enjoy the vibes and atmosphere (albeit the creepy guys sometimes) and they have artists that I want to see and hear. Anyway, my housemate and I were back for another round. We went with my friend and her friends since we were all on the guestlist line. We got there at around 9:30, but we practically waited an hour to get in. I think they were letting everyone in with tickets first since we were on the guestlist line anyway, so in the moment it was annoying waiting but eh, I get it. So once we got in, we went to the bathroom and then we went upstairs for them to get drinks since the bottom level was so packed. Once we got up to the second floor, I saw a bartender I had never seen before, and I told my housemate that he was pretty attractive, just a little bit short for me. She responded that he looked like my bartender friend, and the whole time I was in denial, but I looked at him again and admitted he did, just a teeny tiny bit, haha. So they got their drinks and we went to go check out the rooftop. We asked other people to take a picture for us, but the lighting upstairs is terrible, so after that, my housemate and I left and told them we would meet up with them at the end, so we parted ways and my housemate and I did our own thing. We stayed upstairs for a while then went to the second floor to just dance to whichever DJ was playing. After a bit, I said I wanted to get a drink from my bartender friend who was on the first floor, the busiest floor. We went and she had said she wanted a drink too, but then all of a sudden she didn’t. I knew that she didn’t want a drink from him because she wanted a specific drink, but last time he didn’t really make it right, so I knew she didn’t want to order it from him, but she didn’t want to order at all, so I was like what the heck…? S

Anyway, I went to say hi and he looked so tired, I felt sort of bad. I just said hi to him and he gave me his hand, not a handshake, but more of a hand grab and he asked how we were like always, but I just wanted to wait to get a drink. I knew he was busy and didn’t want to waste his time at all, so I just patiently waited until he got to me and I told him to surprise me and make me something strong. After that we went back  up to the 2nd floor to wait for Dash. I honestly had no idea what he made for me, but I just kept sipping on it and I eventually got one of the best buzzes that I have ever gotten in a while. It was so good.

Side note, but throughout the night, random people, ladies and men kept complimenting me on my sequined dress and asking me where I got it which was nice. It was just very interesting hearing it from both ends lol. Also, my housemate for some reason was annoyed and had this little pissed off look on her face and I was about to tell her you are freaking killing my vibe girl like why the hell are you here if you’re going to be a sourpuss. Like come on, it’s new years, we’re here to have fun. She always gets in these moods and it’s so immature and it pisses me off. I get if you’re angry at something, but it’s like we’re here trying to have fun, not be pissed off. I only get pissed off when something happens, but like nothing’s happened, so have fun and enjoy life you know? She kept saying ugh, I’m not feeling this dress, I’m not feeling anything, and I don’t want anything to drink right now and she kept saying she wanted a drink. I was just over her attitude. I was getting so annoyed. Anyway, somehow she came around and ordered a drink eventually on the second floor.

Moving along though, Porter came on at around 11:30…? And let’s just say he was amazing! So glad I was able to see him at one of the clubs I frequent lol. She was finally able to stop having some attitude and enjoy herself. I liked it because I just sort of danced on the opposite side of her so no one would approach her and I got to be able to see if any guys interested me. Some guys did stop and compliment me on my dress and tried to talk to me, but they didn’t try to ask me to dance, which was fine with me because I was just having fun dancing by myself/with my housemate. Eventually, I for some reason wanted another drink and honestly a chance to talk to that bartender who I’ve never seen before. I introduced myself and found out his name and found out that he works the same days as most bartenders, but it was just weird how I had never seen him prior to that night. I told him that too because I “semi-frequented” the club. Hopefully the next time I decide to go, he’ll remember me when I see him, but I doubt it because he does meet a lot of people lol. The only one who usually remembers me is my friend, but we’ve gotten to a point where we’re decent friends now haha.

So after that drink, I finished it and we went to go dance for a bit, but it was almost over, so we went downstairs and I said bye to my friend who looked exhausted. He asked how was New Years Eve, but I told him I’d tell him later. I have never seen him look so straggled and haggard lol. His hair was even falling out of its place haha. The other bartender I ran into at Backyard came over to give me a high five and say Hi and he told him how he saw me at Backyard haha. Too funny, what great guys lol.

Oh another side note, on Friday I asked the barback’s name and it was so funny because the moment I asked him his name or asked him if he remembered me, he became all interested haha. It was just too cute. He asked if I’ve met him before and I said there because I asked his name last time. I found it hilarious just because he became all interested and he kept refilling out water without us having to ask haha (what a sweetheart). On Sunday though, I asked him again, he totally didn’t remember and said he meets a lot of people which is fine, like whatever with me haha. Just remember next time? LOL. Anyway, that’s pretty much all, not as many guys approaching us because I didn’t really allow them to haha. So that’s all for now. See y’all next time and Happy New Year to everyone! 🙂

Oh and I messaged him and he saw it, but didn’t respond, the jerk lol. It’s confusing and weird now. Weirdo. lol


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