Sunday Fundays

Well, who would’ve known I would be out on a Sunday when a new quarter has started? Not me, but hey it was a 4 day weekend for me, so why not? As long as I did my work that needed to be done, it was ok for me to enjoy myself.

Coming back from my family wedding this weekend was a bit tiring and I honestly had a brief moment when I thought, “Should I really go to see Cash Cash at Omnia tonight?” It only lasted for a second before I told myself that I should go out and enjoy my Sunday night since I was off from classes for Martin Luther King Jr Day on Monday. So I went out to Omnia (of course) with my friends to see Cash Cash.

It was really scary because we almost didn’t make it in since we missed the guest list line cutoff, but we did make it in and that’s all that matters in the end. It was just a bit of a pain trying to talk to bouncers and managers to get in.

Once we got in though, it was PACKED. The first floor where the dance floor was, was just insanely crazy. I really had to go to the bathroom, but the bathroom line was super packed since it was the first floor and that’s where everyone was coming from. We went up the stairs to try the 2nd floor bathroom, but that was just as packed, so we went to the rooftop where most of my bartender friends were. I went to the bathroom first though and after that got a drink.

While waiting to get a drink, I ran into so many people I knew. It was sort of a pain and not fun running into almost everyone who is over 21 from school. I honestly enjoy going out to different places so that I wouldn’t run into so many people from school, but instead I see at least 10 different people I know. Who would’ve known that so many people would want to see Cash Cash on a Sunday night albeit it being a holiday the next day. I would’ve wanted to avoid everyone, but it’s inevitable I run into people I know because literally it was just packed with students from school. Also, I’m straight up not into people who are my age or younger than I am and I honestly prefer older guys, I might have mentioned in a previous post, but anyway it just was not the most ideal situation.

I was really looking forward to meeting a guy that night, so that sort of killed my vibe since I was going to have to be careful about who I spoke to lol. But other than that I was also really looking forward to have some fun and get down and dance since every other time I’ve gone something always ends up ruining my fun. Funny right?

Moving on, I went up to the roof and coincidentally, two of my bartender friends were there so it was great since my favorite bartender was there, the one who I think is REALLY attractive. He did this weird thing and was like look who it is?? Haha, he’s hilarious. My friend got a drink first and I got one after. I went with my normal Sex on the Beach drink, always one of my favorites. I also talked to the barback there who is attractive, but who I’m pretty sure is taken too sadly. He was super nice as well. Then there was my other bartender I met a few weeks ago and who my roommate said looked like my favorite bartender. Haha. I asked if he remembered me and he said if I remembered his name and I said his name and he was like NOPEE. I was like it totally is and I asked if he remembered mine and apparently he calls me Tiff, but it’s Tiffany, so hey a win for me? Haha! I’m getting to know these guys wayyy too well for being a regular… At least they all like me? I hope LOL… As a customer anyway, those tips right? I’m not sure if we’re at friend level yet; well the ones I Just met no, but the ones I’ve known for a bit, we SHOULD be, but who knows. I could be the annoying regular who always comes, but my favorite bartender said to someone that I was one of his favorite customers so… *shrug* I don’t know hahaha.

Oh also, we made friends with one of other bathroom attendants because I know she works hard and honestly when we work, for the MOST part, don’t we all sort of want people to talk to us? We don’t want anyone to think differently of us or to have people think they’re better than us you know? I do believe that we should should treat others how we would want to be treated. She called us regulars and I honestly agreed and don’t really have a problem with that haha.

Anyway, after, I ran into my little from one of my organizations and met up with my roommate who met up with some of her friends. I introduced myself to them and talked to some of them. They seemed chill enough, but I didn’t stay with them long enough to find out. We wanted to go downstairs to see Cash Cash, so we went down and danced for a bit.

Since my goal was trying to find a guy that night, I saw a few that were looking and one did try to talk to me, but it was his friend that I was trying to ask to dance (oops). So I asked his friend and he was pretty good looking, in my opinion. Dance wise… I wish he was a bit better, but it’s ok lol. He was nice enough I feel. After a bit, I saw another guy and he wasn’t that great looking, ok and I asked him to dance and he wanted to go up to the roof and “talk.” So we talked and then we started making out, no lie lol (I’ll be truthful so sorry for TMI). I think most of my lipstick ended up on his face somewhere LOL… He wanted to get to know more about me sort of, but eh I honestly wasn’t that interested and in all honesty, I’m a boring person who only talks about school and work, so… that’s that.

We went down to dance a bit more and it was really fun. I went to go say hi to my other two bartender friends who I knew were working at the 2nd floor bar and then I went to the bathroom. I knew the bathroom attendant from the 2nd floor because I’ve spoken with her and made friends with her previously, just small talk, but I’ve spoken with her. She’s super nice and didn’t remember my name, but she definitely remembers me from all of the other times I’ve come haha. She’s such a sweetheart, I really like her.

Afterwards, I went to go find the guy even though I honestly semi didn’t want to, but I did and we danced till the end when everyone had to leave. He didn’t ask for my number which is fine and my friends and I went to the pizza place next door to get some food and meet up with another friend we had come with. They got pizza while I sat and relaxed outside. I had a few guys approach me and I didn’t mind, but my friend kept pushing them away when I was fine to push them away if I wanted to, so that was sort of interesting lol.

While we waited, we ran into the barback we had just met at Omnia. I was like wait Hi! I didn’t recognize him without his hat, but we said hi and he came and sat with us for a bit and we just made small talk and got to know him which was nice. He’s such a sweetheart too. Anyway, we had to leave so we said bye to him and got in our Uber. And that’s that for that night. One of the best nights at Omnia I’ve had in a while and what a great Sunday as well. Great end to my weekend after seeing and reuniting with my family during the wedding. Well that’s all for now. You’ll be hearing more adventures from me soon.

A Plus Tard (sorry I have no accents)

Cheers to 2017: Back to Omnia, What a Regular I’ve Become

New Years Day. My housemate and I went back to Omnia for another round. Woot. How exciting right? Well the main reason we went back to Omnia was because we wanted to go for Porter Robinson, a well-known EDM artist who was playing that night.

So once again, Omnia, I swear it’s sometimes embarrassing going because I go pretty often I feel haha. I guess I do, but that’s only because I enjoy the vibes and atmosphere (albeit the creepy guys sometimes) and they have artists that I want to see and hear. Anyway, my housemate and I were back for another round. We went with my friend and her friends since we were all on the guestlist line. We got there at around 9:30, but we practically waited an hour to get in. I think they were letting everyone in with tickets first since we were on the guestlist line anyway, so in the moment it was annoying waiting but eh, I get it. So once we got in, we went to the bathroom and then we went upstairs for them to get drinks since the bottom level was so packed. Once we got up to the second floor, I saw a bartender I had never seen before, and I told my housemate that he was pretty attractive, just a little bit short for me. She responded that he looked like my bartender friend, and the whole time I was in denial, but I looked at him again and admitted he did, just a teeny tiny bit, haha. So they got their drinks and we went to go check out the rooftop. We asked other people to take a picture for us, but the lighting upstairs is terrible, so after that, my housemate and I left and told them we would meet up with them at the end, so we parted ways and my housemate and I did our own thing. We stayed upstairs for a while then went to the second floor to just dance to whichever DJ was playing. After a bit, I said I wanted to get a drink from my bartender friend who was on the first floor, the busiest floor. We went and she had said she wanted a drink too, but then all of a sudden she didn’t. I knew that she didn’t want a drink from him because she wanted a specific drink, but last time he didn’t really make it right, so I knew she didn’t want to order it from him, but she didn’t want to order at all, so I was like what the heck…? S

Anyway, I went to say hi and he looked so tired, I felt sort of bad. I just said hi to him and he gave me his hand, not a handshake, but more of a hand grab and he asked how we were like always, but I just wanted to wait to get a drink. I knew he was busy and didn’t want to waste his time at all, so I just patiently waited until he got to me and I told him to surprise me and make me something strong. After that we went back  up to the 2nd floor to wait for Dash. I honestly had no idea what he made for me, but I just kept sipping on it and I eventually got one of the best buzzes that I have ever gotten in a while. It was so good.

Side note, but throughout the night, random people, ladies and men kept complimenting me on my sequined dress and asking me where I got it which was nice. It was just very interesting hearing it from both ends lol. Also, my housemate for some reason was annoyed and had this little pissed off look on her face and I was about to tell her you are freaking killing my vibe girl like why the hell are you here if you’re going to be a sourpuss. Like come on, it’s new years, we’re here to have fun. She always gets in these moods and it’s so immature and it pisses me off. I get if you’re angry at something, but it’s like we’re here trying to have fun, not be pissed off. I only get pissed off when something happens, but like nothing’s happened, so have fun and enjoy life you know? She kept saying ugh, I’m not feeling this dress, I’m not feeling anything, and I don’t want anything to drink right now and she kept saying she wanted a drink. I was just over her attitude. I was getting so annoyed. Anyway, somehow she came around and ordered a drink eventually on the second floor.

Moving along though, Porter came on at around 11:30…? And let’s just say he was amazing! So glad I was able to see him at one of the clubs I frequent lol. She was finally able to stop having some attitude and enjoy herself. I liked it because I just sort of danced on the opposite side of her so no one would approach her and I got to be able to see if any guys interested me. Some guys did stop and compliment me on my dress and tried to talk to me, but they didn’t try to ask me to dance, which was fine with me because I was just having fun dancing by myself/with my housemate. Eventually, I for some reason wanted another drink and honestly a chance to talk to that bartender who I’ve never seen before. I introduced myself and found out his name and found out that he works the same days as most bartenders, but it was just weird how I had never seen him prior to that night. I told him that too because I “semi-frequented” the club. Hopefully the next time I decide to go, he’ll remember me when I see him, but I doubt it because he does meet a lot of people lol. The only one who usually remembers me is my friend, but we’ve gotten to a point where we’re decent friends now haha.

So after that drink, I finished it and we went to go dance for a bit, but it was almost over, so we went downstairs and I said bye to my friend who looked exhausted. He asked how was New Years Eve, but I told him I’d tell him later. I have never seen him look so straggled and haggard lol. His hair was even falling out of its place haha. The other bartender I ran into at Backyard came over to give me a high five and say Hi and he told him how he saw me at Backyard haha. Too funny, what great guys lol.

Oh another side note, on Friday I asked the barback’s name and it was so funny because the moment I asked him his name or asked him if he remembered me, he became all interested haha. It was just too cute. He asked if I’ve met him before and I said there because I asked his name last time. I found it hilarious just because he became all interested and he kept refilling out water without us having to ask haha (what a sweetheart). On Sunday though, I asked him again, he totally didn’t remember and said he meets a lot of people which is fine, like whatever with me haha. Just remember next time? LOL. Anyway, that’s pretty much all, not as many guys approaching us because I didn’t really allow them to haha. So that’s all for now. See y’all next time and Happy New Year to everyone! 🙂

Oh and I messaged him and he saw it, but didn’t respond, the jerk lol. It’s confusing and weird now. Weirdo. lol

Dasher Night

This year was the first time I’ve been away from home during New Years, so I had planned on fully enjoying myself. For the first night, December 30, 2016, my housemate and I already had plans to go see Dash Berlin at Omnia. We had already seen him in Vegas during my birthday, but we both enjoyed him so much that we wanted to see him again. So that first night, we went to Omnia and it was raining. We were on the guest list, but we had to wait outside in the rain which just straight up sucked. We stupidly didn’t bring umbrellas nor jackets so we ended up standing there with no shelter and getting poured on. I pretty much became a drowned raccoon that night. I’m going to be a girl and make the complaint that I did my hair that night, and it just pretty much died sadly. All my hard work went to waste lol. Oh well.

While standing in line, some guys in front of us offered us their jackets to cover our head with and I refused at first, but my housemate accepted so I ended up going under the jacket with her because I didn’t want to get rained on anymore. It helped  a bit and it was nice of them to do that for us. They weren’t creepy guys, but like I said, I’m just picky and shallow, so I didn’t really want to talk to them. I guess I just don’t want to talk to anyone who doesn’t interest me as sad as that sounds =/. Sorry for being that type of person guys! Anyway, we finally got in after a while and we went straight to the bathroom to check what damage was done. It wasn’t as bad as we had thought, so we went to the bar where my bartender friend was working.

He saw us and said hi to us and said I want to talk to y’all, but I had customers and of course I always tell him, it’s ok because I understand it’s his job to work, not talk to us you know? I’m patient, like talk to us when you have time you know, I’m not forcing you to talk to me just because we’re here. Like no need to apologize, you have a job to do and money to make, I totally get it. Anyway, after he finished with the customers, he came over to us and of course asks how we were, what we’ve been up to, etc… He talked about his vacation and visiting family in Vegas and whatnot. I don’t know why, but that night he just kept on making fun of me. He never usually makes fun of me that much, but that night he was on a roll. I met a girl whom I really liked and we were just talking at the bar about how cute he was and what type of guys we were into and when he introduced himself to her, he kept making fun of me about how I come there often and how I roll in with my squad. He said I ALWAYS have a squad and asked where they were. I was very adamant in telling him that I did not always have a squad lol. He also told someone that he wasn’t sure about my housemate, but me, I’m ALWAYS drunk lol. When he made my drink that night as well, he had to shake it so he went all the way to the other end of the bar and exaggerated shaking it super hard and long and said wow, look what you made me do. I’m so tired from shaking your drink right now. That was such hard work. Gosh, I don’t know why he kept doing that and making fun of me that night, but he did.

When we had the chance to talk though, he asked me what type of guys I was into (I guess because the ones he sees hit on me are ones I’m not interested in). I said I’m really picky and shallow so no one and he didn’t believe me and I told him I’d tell him later why. He said there must be a guy somewhere here and I pretty much told him, nope (although I guess in a way I was lying because I’m interested in him, but he has a girlfriend, sadly lol). He also asked when I’m graduating and promised he would come and I told him I would hold him to it.

So on this night, we didn’t get hit on too much (thank goodness),but when we did, I was more so talking to my bartender friend and my housemate had to talk to them (sorry girl lol). One guy though towards the end came up to me and his friend tried talking to me first, but I pretty much rejected him earlier in the night. He came up and tried talking to me and I was being the rude bitch on my phone because I REALLY didn’t want to talk to him. i forgot what he asked me, but I pretty much told him, sorry it’s a girl’s night and I really don’t want to talk to anyone nor meet anyone tonight. He said it’s a guy’s night too and neither are we. In my mind, i was like then leave me alone lol,but I was still being semi-nice. He kept asking me the questions I honestly hate being asked (like I know they’re conversation starters, but they’re sort of boring). Then literally when the lights came on and the bar was closed and they were cleaning, he kept forcing me to get a drink and to drink with him. I was like no, I would not do that to my friends number one, and number two the bar is closing and he’s like nah and pointed at my friend and said he would probably make you one and I was like NO, I don’t want to drink nor and the bar is closed. I was getting so annoyed and he made a comment about how he liked how I was pretending to be on my phone, and I told him, no I was texting some friends to see where they were. I was getting so annoyed that I wanted to tell him that  yeah, I was on my phone because I wanted him to leave me the fuck alone, but like I said, I was still semi-nice.

Oh yeah, some guy kept trying to tap on my SnapChat to add himself and I said no. He then proceeded to try to tap on my phone on Facebook and other apps and I said no. These guys were just honestly so annoying that I wanted to punch them. Anyway, at the end of the night when they were kicking us off the rooftop, I said bye to my friend and he went around the bar and gave me a huge for the first time. That had never happened before, so it was really nice and weird in a way haha. Anyway, that’s all for Dash Berlin night!! 🙂 Stay tuned for New Years Day.

Taco Tuesdays

Sorry for not posting lately y’all! It’s been a busy holiday and now it’s time to catch y’all up on what’s happened lately. So this will be a post about my night out last Tuesday in Pacific Beach. The reason why I went and tried out Tuesday was because someone had told me that Backyard in Pacific Beach was very fun on Tuesdays. I doubted this statement because it made no sense to me that people would go in the beginning/middle of the week. Anyway, let me get post started.

Last Tuesday night, it was supposed to be a house night out, but my housemate didn’t want to go out with us, so it was just my roommate and I. It was nice in all honesty though because I haven’t had the chance to go out with her like we used to, just the two of us, the dynamic duo. Her boyfriend is usually in the way, so I don’t usually get an opportunity like I did that night. We went to Backyard in Pacific Beach not only for me to check it out, but for us to possibly eat since it was Taco Tuesday :). I’m honestly not even a huge fan of tacos, but the deals seemed good.

So my roommate and I got in and we danced for a bit, but she said I didn’t look drunk enough nor even a little bit buzzed, so she wanted for me to get a drink. Not only that, but I also wanted to say hi to the bartender that had previously told me to go to Backyard because he worked there on Tuesdays. I wasn’t too sure if he was going to remember me, but oh well, whatever haha. Anyway, we went to the bar and she ordered for me an AMF. I wanted a Sex on the Beach (my drink), but she wanted me to feel and get more drunk, so I just agreed because it isn’t too bad of a drink anyway. I got my drink and we started to go dance and just walk around.

Let’s just say that there were a lot of creepy guys that night… I feel like it’s always an interesting night when we go out haha. We spent most of the night trying more so to run away from guys than anything. We had to pretend we were lovers because guys were just relentless in their attempt to flirt with us.

Before all of the encounters though, I forgot that ran into a bartender I knew at the club I frequent. He surprisingly said hi to me first and for a moment, I honestly didn’t recognize him without all of his clothes that he wears when he works at the club. I felt a little bad because it took me a moment to recognize him. He had to say Omnia for me to be sure that it was him haha. Anyway, now on to the sort of weird encounters

First encounter that I remember was a guy who saw us near the island fire pit thing. He seemed ok,nice enough, not too creepy. We just weren’t interested (obviously because she has a boyfriend and I’m just picky and shallow lol). He asked if either of us were taken and we said yes and he was like aww, I just had to ask though because both of y’all are pretty and we just said thanks and went on our way.

We went to go back to dance for a bit and even after I finished my drink, I still didn’t feel it surprisingly, so we went to go get me my Sex on the Beach. This time around, I asked the bartender if he remembered me. I had to mention the club I went to and met him at and then it clicked in his mind. He remembered my name started with a T, so I guess that’s something right? Haha. I didn’t get the chance to ask him if he remembered what my name was, but it’s ok, it was a really busy night. So after I got my drink, we just walked around and then got stopped by two guys in the middle of the hallway to go to the other bar. One guy was super pretty looking and asked me if I knew how to dance. I wasn’t that interested and I forgot exactly what I said, but he said oh I don’t dance with people who don’t know how to dance. I think I was a little bit offended, but I say the same thing or i just end up walking away from people who can’t really dance because I enjoy dancing. They weren’t the most interesting guys, so somehow we ended up walking away.

Then some guy who was walking by us stopped to talk to us because he said he liked my “dress,” and I told him it was a romper lol. He said I had good style and asked where I bought it at. We started talking and his brother came over and we all started talking to one another, but honestly my roommate talked more to them because after a while, I had to admit, I got bored of the conversation. I just cannot hold conversations with people anymore. I’m such a mean and harsh person now lol. I seriously feel like the worst person in the world to talk to now unless you really interest me. Anyway, I really did have to go to the bathroom, so we went to the bathroom and left the guys.

Later on during the night, some guys came up to us and tried to flirt with us and show off their assets. They told us to touch their pecs and touch their biceps. We did it, but I was really turned off by that and we just said we were together and they left us alone.

After, my roommate and I went back to the now crowded dance floor to dance. It was fun, but too crowded and hot. Guys were also just grabbing me without asking me. I did not appreciate it because it’s a pet peeve of mine when guys do that without asking. I know it is hard approaching a girl and possibly getting rejected, but it doesn’t give you to the right to touch the girl without first asking her and getting permission to. When a girl says no, she says no and that’s that. If she doesn’t say anything, but is obviously uncomfortable, that is her saying no as well. This one guy tried grabbing me once and I walked away. My roommate and I wanted to try to see how the other side was and the SAME guy did the same thing. Like no, there’s a reason why I walked away from you the first time. I walked away again and he KEPT holding on to me like come on, I’ve walked away twice now. I obviously do not want to dance with you. I also do not appreciate you touching me at all. I wanted to turn around and say something, but I didn’t want to start anything so I kept my mouth shut. Note to all ladies and even men, if someone grabs you or doesn’t ask your permission to dance with you, say something about it or just walk away. You don’t have to be nice and stay with them if you don’t want to. No means no. Anyway, towards the end of the night, my roommate and I found a place to sit, and we just sat there talking and then another guy approached us, but we both didn’t want to talk to him so we were telling him how we were lovers, BUT then her boyfriend came and I honestly got really upset because for the first time in forever, I got to spend the whole day with her, but he had to come and ruin in. Like I know you live in PB (Pacific Beach) and you want to get her for safety, but you’re ruining my girl’s night (like he always does). When he got there, he went straight to us (he was pretty much mad at her for talking to the guy) and was like hey baby and started making out with her right in front of the guy. Some people may think that’s cute and territorial (good territorial), but I honestly found it sort of disgusting because he’s always like that no matter what, his personality I mean. So he came and I just got annoyed and angry because he could’ve waited until the VERY end to get her at least or not bother us you know? Give us the FULL girl’s time. You practically monopolize her and isolate her from her friends anyway. So I was angry and we went to dance, but I was still annoyed. She was annoyed too because he was annoyed at her for even talking to a guy =.= I get it, you’re jealous, you don’t want her to talk to guys, but don’t ruin her damn fun. So we just danced until the end and then left. I didn’t really want to be in their presence, but they stayed with me until I took an Uber back so I’m grateful for that. Anyway, that’s all for Taco Tuesday for now! (We didn’t even eat tacos haha).