Let’s Press Rewind

Remember when I said that I’d explain my bartender friend at the club I frequent? Well, I guess that time is now since I’m home for the holidays. So, he’s just a friend, the bartender that I know; I just happen to find him very attractive. First time I met him was when I went to the club for the second time I believe. I usually just go to the bar to get a drink… (and ok, I guess to check out some of the bartenders too, no lie)…

ANYWAY, my cousin spotted him first and then my friend who came with us and I spotted him and I said to my friend (my little in one of my organizations) oh my freaking gosh, he is one of the most gorgeous guys I’ve ever seen, like if you could draw up my ideal guy in terms of physical appearances, he would be him, like oh my. This guy IS really gorgeous and just all-around good looking. I really have no other words or ways to describe the feeling that I had the first time I saw him. My cousin and my roommate approached him first, to get water or drinks, I don’t know and I have no clue what they said to him, but after a while I ended up going up to him. In all honesty, I don’t remember how that happened because that night was… well let’s just say I was more than my usual level of intoxication and it ended up being a night that I sort of didn’t want to think about nor remember. Moving on… I went up to him and asked for his name and introduced myself and just stared having a “normal” conversation with him (as normal as a conversation at a busy bar could get). I also spoke with another bartender, but I wasn’t as enamored by him as I was by this one. This one just caught my interest, not only with his good looks and his charm, but by just having a normal conversation with me when he could. After that night, I was super hooked and hoped to see him again the next time we came to the club. Also after that night, apparently I decided to become a stalker and add both bartenders on Facebook. I really had no recollection of doing this at all until the next morning. Even after looking at my phone and going “when the heck did I add them??” didn’t really ring a bell. It was only after my cousin came over to grab something of hers that it hit me that I did it while we were sitting in the Uber. Oops haha.. Guess I really did end up doing it. What a stalker.

After that, I still couldn’t believe I did it. It’s just I don’t end up doing things like that, but I guess with a little bit of liquid luck (or a lot of it) it tends to make you do things you wouldn’t really do. Oh well, not that big of a deal anyway, probably happens to them all the time.

So, I didn’t see him until the next time we went and he remembered us! I was so shocked and surprised. I mean yes, most bartenders are sober and aren’t allowed to drink on the job, but still there are SOO many people he could remember and he remembered us. So what happened was my cousin was really excited to see if he was there working or not and when she saw that he was, she wanted to do this heart thing with her hands that he did last time and she wanted me to come up after her so it wouldn’t look weird. I mean I was going up whether or not she wanted me to, I’d just go on my terms and not hers since she’s the one who wanted to do it anyway. Sounds harsh of me, but I was like eh, you can do it since he did it last time, you’re going with your friend anyway. So after a bit, I came up after them and he saw me before I even came up to the bar and gave me a cute little wave. I legit practically died right then and there on the rooftop of the club haha. It was just so cute and he remembered me like (internal girl screaming). He just asked how school was and what we were doing. Then I just told the girls to get drinks so we could let him work. After doing our thing, I wanted my own drink so I came back and he tried to find me a drink ticket which was really sweet and which he didn’t have to do  but he did  anyway. He apologized that he didn’t have any, and it was no problem with me paying for the drink. We had a little conversation and he asked about what we were up to that night or what else we were going to do, my day etc, a normal conversation like we have every time. I mean it’s a bar, what else could you talk about really without others hearing haha. It was nice though, even though he went to go fulfill other drink orders, he’d apologize and try to come back to talk to us. I didn’t mind because that’s his job, no need to apologize you know? We also met another bartender that night and he was really sweet as well (to add on). So as the night progressed, I just moved from floor to floor as always, but I always end up at the bar to talk to him before I leave, so I just ended up at the bar, but some guy was trying to talk and hit on me and the new bartender was trying to hook his friend up, but I was really not interested in the guy so I just tried to keep the conversation going, but I really couldn’t (sorry!). So the night ended and I said bye to my friend. Agh too cute.

The next time we came (yes, I realize now how much we go to the SAME club all the time, it’s really sad actually), was a few weeks after and I think this was just recently for my housemate’s birthday and we saw him and he just looked tired. It was a slow night according to him, and it was a really slow night compared to other nights we’ve come. This was that stupid night my roommate and her boyfriend argued over something so stupid. Anyway, moving along otherwise I’m going to blow up again over that stupid thing, we just got drinks, got my housemate really intoxicated (I mean it’s her birthday right?), and got hit on and that whole fun jazz. I think this was the night I asked for his snapchat at the end, because I mean why not right? Like I can be friends with him and whatnot outside of the customer/bartender relationship. Oh, he was also really sweet and comped me that night. I thought that was really sweet and I hoped that he didn’t think I wanted to get to know him or talk to him just because I wanted free drinks or something lol. Anyway, that happened.

Next encounter was last week’s after finals, but I’m pretty sure I mentioned the night in my other post already (Red is the Color of Sin), but in case y’all forgot or even I forgot what I typed and told y’all, we went, did the same thing (whoop-dee-doo) and he just asked about finals and I told him that I passed 2 out of 3 of my finals for sure already and he said something about, “you got it babes or babe or something,” I don’t know. (what type of guy uses that on girls not his girlfriend?) Anyway, we just had small talk since it was his finals and I always tell him to surprise me with drinks now to not drink the same thing and he hasn’t disappointed me yet! He gave us one drink ticket and couldn’t give us more, but it was fine because he always does a lot for us anyway. So small talk, and we ended up leaving early that night, so we said bye to him and what bugged me that night was that my cousin and my housemate didn’t really get the hint that I just wanted to have a one-on-one conversation with him and not a conversation with all of them. It just.. ruins the moment. So yeah, it was a really irritating night like I mentioned in my other post. But yeah… That’s him… bartender friend… and now for the FUN part…

Spoiler… He has a girlfriend. Wow, not that much of a shocker if you ever see him in person lol. But yeah once I found that out (not through him, but by.. various means…) (Sorry, I can be stalker-ish guys). Anywho, I was so… disappointed. Like I’m usually disappointed anyhow, but this time I was like SUPER disappointed. It confused and annoyed me because I am NOT usually disappointed for that long or THAT disappointed over some guy with a girlfriend. But I don’t know.. I mean I haven’t really spoken with him outside of a club scene, but he seems like a goofy, great guy and I want to see if that observation is true. So it just disappoints me I don’t really get that opportunity to find out. 😦 Like I’m truly sad. It just boggles me why I was so infatuated/attracted to him even after finding out that fact. I mean nothing is going to change. It’ll be nice to just become really good friends with him (if he doesn’t think I’m some creepy or annoying person from snapchatting him often) lol… I mean I think it’s just the fact that he’s gorgeous and goofy which attracts me still to him and those two things make for a dangerous combination… Anyway, I’m still honestly sometimes really disappointed, but it’s ok, sighs, that’s life yeah? I mean that new bartender I met who mentioned the other place where he works is good looking with possibly a good personality too so we’ll see. 🙂 Anyway that is the low down on things with the bartender friend. Until next time.


Au revoir mes amours (sorry if I totally killed the translation and grammar)




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