Curiosity Killed the Cat

Sometimes it really is terrible to wonder about certain things and to figure certain things out. It hurts to know the truth sometimes and sometimes the truth is better left unsaid or better left unknown. As good as it is to be a curious person, being a curious person can sometimes lead you into a world of trouble.

I am a curious person, so I am guilty of all of the actions that a curious person would commit. It just happens, sometimes you really can’t help yourself you know? It might lead you to a world of pain or hurt, but sometimes you just NEED to know, not want, but NEED. Is it so wrong to have that sometimes? I enjoy learning the truth and knowing the truth instead of being naive. This world is hard to exist in from my perspective when you remain oblivious and naive to some of the tougher things in life.

Reason as to why I, myself as a person don’t enjoy sugarcoating what I say is because I would rather let someone learn instead of be kept in the dark. I don’t say things bluntly; however, I am just more of a straightforward person and just like to say things plain and simple. Sometimes it could come off as abrasive and rude; however, I try not to let it come off as abrasive and rude. For me, I would rather learn the truth and be a curious person instead of ignore what’s right in front of me. Hurt me now instead of hurt me later.


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