It Goes Both Ways, Always

In this particular scenario, I am referring to when we want to approach a guy and we do approach him and when a guy actually approaches us or might want to approach us or vice versa (if you’re a male). Like I had said in my previous post, I had just turned 21 a few months ago, so I haven’t been going out to bars and clubs that long; however, I have been in college for the past 3 1/2 years now so I’ve had my fair share of parties and kickbacks.

From what I’ve observed from my own experiences and from what I’ve observed from my surroundings, I’ve found it intriguing and funny that even though we want to be approached, we don’t really want to be approached. (Sounds weird and hypocritical of us right?) I mean we are only humans after all.

I think it just depends on what we’re looking for. When I go out, I want to meet new people (mainly men honestly), but I don’t want to meet just any type of man. I want to meet and converse with a man who attracts me. It makes me sound shallow as heck, but I want to meet someone who is “my type,” I guess you can say. You can call me shallow all you want, but in the end, we do all want to end up with someone who we have both a physical attraction to and mental and emotional connection to. Of course, we want someone who has personality, but all of us have a different “standard,” as to what type of personality we want in our significant other. If we all had the same “standards,” we would all be fighting with each other for the same person. However, life is not like that and we all are different people. We all like, dislike, hate, and love different things in life. That is what differentiates each of us from one another and makes all of us unique human beings.

Like I stated before, I just find it ironic and funny how we want others of the opposite sex to approach us, but we just become picky when they actually do approach us. I’ve had encounters where I just want to end up getting away from the guy. After though, when I reflect and think about it, I feel sort of bad because if I were them, I wouldn’t want the opposite sex to practically run away from me either, it would make me feel ugly and unconfident and I would feel like a total loser. If I approached a guy I was interested in, I wouldn’t want them to run away or make excuses to get away from me either. I can’t help it though if I’m not attracted to them and they don’t get the hint the first time that I am not interested. Once again, like I said it’s double standards and it’s hard to not feel the way that you do sometimes.

All I can say is that in the end, I honestly respect anyone who approaches anyone else of the other sex because it is a really hard thing for anyone to do no matter how confident you  may be and no matter how outgoing you are.


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