Back to Reality

Now that summer is almost over (I still have 2 days left before classes officially start), it’s time for me to rewind and refresh my mindset and my body all over again in order to prepare for what’s about to come. Heading into my last year in college, I have to admit, I’m excited, but I’m not sure I’ll like what’s going to come after college. I don’t know if I’m actually ready for the “real world,” the cutthroat, dirty, harsh, corrupted world. Thinking about having to apply to different jobs within my career field worries me because it’s not guaranteed that I’ll even find a job even with a degree at hand. However, I’ll take things as they go and in all honesty though, who is actually ready for the “real world”? From my perspective, there’s not much to do in order to prepare yourself for what’s out there. If you were able to prepare yourself, would you really be LIVING life to the fullest or would you merely be living a life in which everyone wants? Do you want to be an individual, or do you want to be a part of the norm, which is pretty much a fantasy. It’s up to you to decide that for yourself. As for myself, it’s time for me to get back to living a life for myself. It might be difficult the first few weeks; however, as I get back into the swing of things, it will become a lot easier because I’ll for the most part have a routine to follow. I’ll be going to classes, running errands, studying, going out with friends during the weekends (when I have time obviously), and following a more healthy lifestyle with a healthy diet and with working out. As I return to this part of my life, I am also starting a new journey because I will have new experiences, meet new people, all of that jazz. I’m nervous, but excited for what’s about to come. I mean you really do only live life once right? It’s nice to live in a fantasy life now and then, but reality is where all of the great things occur. So enjoy life while it lasts because you never know when it will end. Be happy in life. Do things that will make you happy in life and be with people who bring you up, not down.



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