My Thoughts on the Caila and Ashley situation

I’m not one to say anything, but this has been bothering me a lot. It doesn’t really matter what Caila said or did before, but it does not warrant how Ashley I and apparently other BIP cast members treat her. Maybe Caila isn’t so innocent in this, but in all honesty, it’s paradise and it’s only 18 days, yet they expect them to get engaged? To me that’s ridiculous, and if Caila did say some of the things she did to others,it wouldn’t surprise me because why would she want to be with someone who literally has someone else stalking and following their every move? Also, they act like she committed a cardinal sin, but they’re just as much guilty because not all of them are looking for “love” either. also, I find it wrong that she supposedly told a “friend,” how she was feeling and yet that “friend” felt the need to spread rumors and tell EVERYONE what she told her, I actually find that sort of wrong as well. Even if it wasn’t right, it didn’t give her “Friend” the right to tell everyone what she was feeling, it should’ve been a private conversation which also could have been misconstrued seeing as things that are said could be passed around wrongly. Like I said, no matter if Caila isn’t as perfect as she seems and may have some inner feelings, it doesn’t make everyone else not guilty. It doesn’t warrant for others to literally attack her on every media site there is and bully her. That to me is wrong and disgusting and I am honestly upset by that the most. It tells others that it’s ok to gang up and bully someone for what they have done when they barely know the whole story and only know what’s heard from a few people. It just makes me sick. Even if she’s in the wrong, everyone else is too for their constant bullying and words on social media. Also, this happened a few months ago, everyone needs to let things be and move on!


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