Bachelor in Paradise Episode 9

I have to say, I could barely stomach this episode. It was so sickening to watch, especially the beginning. I KNOW it’s a reality TV show, I KNOW it is and I KNOW that a lot of situations are manipulated to create drama and storylines, but I’m telling you Ashley’s whole “persona” on TV is just sickening to me. Like how much of it is really scripted and how much of it can be edited? Her persona on TV is disgusting and sickening to me and almost slimy; it makes my stomach turn. I can’t believe she tried to play the poor me, please pity me card, I’m just trying to protect you ploy with Jared. I wanted to skip it so badly, but I couldn’t because I needed to see what actually happened. I know we don’t get a lot of what goes on in paradise and I lot is cut out, but from what I see, it’s just disgusting. Also calling someone “Euro trash” and a bitch a whore while saying that you’re the better person and all of this stuff just shows how insecure you really are in your own skin and that you enjoy bringing others down behind their backs. That doesn’t show you being more mature, that shows so much immaturity that it’s slimy to watch. Regardless, I am glad that Caila left the drama and in all honesty I would’ve too. I don’t know why in your right mind you would think she NEEDS the attention when she just left and you’re still on practically begging for attention with your please pity me boo hoo card, but whatever floats your boat. (People may think that I am biased, but really I’m not, I’m simply speaking what I think and if you don’t like it well then don’t read what I write, it’s as simple as that).

With that being said, Lauren Himle and Shushanna from Ben’s season come and go on a double date with Brett and Wells who just went on a date with Jami the day before and went on a date with Ashley a few days ago. Ashley is trying to seem mature and sane, but it’s not really working in my eyes. The date seems to go really well for the ladies; not much to say there except I’m glad they’re getting an opportunity to experience paradise and be happy because I like these girls.

Amanda and Josh also get a date and reaffirm their feelings for one another due to the whole Nick vs Josh situation from the night before with the twins leaving. Can’t say much else about that.

The girls are pretty much left to fight for their “men’s” time, especially with Wells since Jami (The Canadian), Ashley, and Shushanna (a random hooker) all went on a date with him. That’s all for today really. I don’t have much to say about the episode since that’s literally all that happened. However, I’ll leave on this note:

Reiterating what I said earlier, I know that we’re missing so much to what we’ve already seen on paradise because why would the producers let us watch every single footage they have, right? That would not only take hours, but sort of be a waste of time. I mean there are some pieces that we need to complete the puzzle, but I mean they show what they want. With the whole Ashley, Caila, and Jared situation, Ashley should’ve just said her two cents and then left them alone. If Caila wasn’t right for Jared in the end, he would’ve made that decision for himself and not needed you to be there for him claiming that you’re protecting him. Yeah right, you’re doing it for yourself. Any who, he would’ve realized it sooner or later so you should’ve just left it at that. Instead you literally go attacking the poor girl mentally and behind her back on TV and then you go attacking every other girl you’re intimidated by. That doesn’t really say much about your character in person (although I know that she’s smarter than she’s portrayed). I know people have different personalities, but with that being said, what you see on TV is sort of what you get in person in some ways. Also, attacking Caila on social media and TV and practically bullying her like that is so disgusting and despicable. Honestly, if I were Caila I would’ve left and if she wasn’t that interested in Jared before, I mean who would want all of that baggage following them around literally attacking them and breathing down their necks? No one. I don’t blame her at all if she wasn’t that interested. Also, Caila totally did not break girl code because they weren’t even considered “friends,” outside of the show, more like acquaintances and it was not cool of Ashley to manipulate her and pretty much tell her how to act on paradise if she were to go on paradise. Anyway, sorry for the long rant, but that’s what I have to say on that. See y’all next time and enjoy!




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