Bachelor in Paradise Episode 7

Following last night’s episode, Vinny is silently waiting outside Izzy’s bungalow to confirm everything that he had heard from her the previous night almost like someone is waiting for their execution to happen :(.

Izzy and Vinny have their conversation and once Vinny starts to cry, Izzy starts to cry. She tells him that there are some things they haven’t talked about that she hasn’t wanted to tell him yet and he tells her that once you watch this air, you will see so many things that I have said about you. My heart is absolutely breaking for Vinny. Honestly, I didn’t watch Jojo’s season at all, so I can’t judge his character from that at all, but based from what I have seen in paradise, I thoroughly enjoyed Vinny. He seems like a great person and I wish that this hadn’t happened to him. He seemed genuine and open to finding someone and wanting a relationship outside of paradise, but then everything came crashing down and now he’s leaving paradise heartbroken. Ah Vinny, there will be someone out there for you someday, even your mom said so! 🙂 Don’t lose faith now. You’re a handsome guy with a good heart, and you will find who you are truly meant to be with.


As for Izzy, I know some people are giving her a lot of flack for what she has done based off of a guy who she just saw for literally 5 minutes and had a conversation with for not even 10 minutes, but like I said before, it is paradise and sometimes the heart wants what it wants. Yes, she broke off their relationship based on seeing a different guy based off of his physical features, but it is true that sometimes a physical attraction really has to be needed there and if it’s stronger, what is the harm in exploring it? (yes, you’re hurting the other person, but at least you’re telling them before you do something even more stupid, like cheat). I might get a lot of flack for this from readers, but that’s my point of view on things. I still think she could have gotten Vinny to stay a lot better though; he deserved to stay and try to find someone and mend his broken heart, but I understand that it’s hard to be around someone you practically fell in love with and watch them fall for someone else. I also think that she should’ve stayed with Vinny a little bit longer because I feel like the moment she saw Brett she literally already threw everything she had with Vinny out the window before even seeing if there was anything that needed to be fixed or mended with Vinny. I won’t talk about in her a negative light though because in the end, she is only doing what she thought was right for herself on her journey to find love and sometimes things happen, there is always a reason in life as to why things happen.

After the Vizzy breakup, everyone is still reeling from it because they realize that that’s how quickly things could change for any one of the couples that are still there and going strong. It makes them nervous that things could change at the switch of a light.

Soon after, Jade and Tanner come by for a visit and with them comes a date card. They want to see how everyone is doing and talk to the couples to see what’s going on with them. They pull each of them aside to hear what they have to say.

Evan and Carly are first and Carly explains what has been going on with her and her feelings. Jade and Tanner aren’t convinced by her feelings for Evan and wishes them luck.

Grace are next and Lace tells them that Grant has already said I love you to her while Lace hasn’t said it. Tanner and Jade think that Grant is further along than Lace is and after, they have a mini argument. Lace is now questioning their relationship because they’re not “clicking.” I think that because of what happened with Izzy and Vinny, it’s just making everyone including Grace question what they have.

Amanda and Josh meet with them and tell them the whole situation that occurred before with Nick and Tanner comments, “Beat Nick again.” LOL, Tanner. Josh tells them that he wants the date card right away, but Tanner and Jade think that he’s putting on a front and laying it on too thick. (Yes Janner, see through that)

Nick and Jen are next and Tanner comments, “Third times a charm right?” It seems like Nick is still holding back, but Tanner tells him that he should just go for it and not hold back because he doesn’t know how things will go.

After them are Jared and Caila and of course there has to be a segment about Ashley saying something. Ugh. Anyway, even Jade and Tanner thought that Jared and Caila really looked good on paper together and hoped that something had happened between the two of them. Tanner and Jade are both extremely happy, especially Tanner whose excited to see that his buddy is finally interested in someone.

Ashley speaks to them and tells them all about her Jared woes. Of course she tries to sabotage Caila and Jared’s relationship and thinks that she succeeded. I know that this is her niche, that this is her TV persona and in person, she’s a lot sharper and less emotional in person, but I think this is the wrong way to go about establishing her TV persona, but that’s just me.

In the end, Jade and Tanner give the date card to Caila and Jared and immediately after, of course Ashley starts whimpering and sniffling so someone has to comfort her. They soon leave on their date and talk about the obstacles (named Ashley) and how it’s holding their relationship back. After their talk (which wasn’t really a talk), it starts to pour, so they decide to strip down to their underwear and make out in the water. Of course, camera pans to Ashley who just wants to die because of the whole Jared and Caila thing.


The next morning comes along with a date card which goes to Evan who takes Carly. They go on another weird date (I don’t know why they get the weird and interesting dates), but they go to a village and end up in a sweating ceremony…? Carly doesn’t even feel weird this time because she just feels beautiful with the way Evan’s looking at her through her sweatiness. Her lady boner is finally back which she’s happy about.

Meanwhile in dramadise, Ashley tries once again to sabotage Jared and Caila. She thinks that she’s his main chick and that she knows how to stimulate his mind correctly. Like, what even…? Listening to her talk is just making me sick honestly. She tells Jared Caila’s not as into you as you are into her and some other things about her being a robot and Jared actually runs up to Caila to tell her SOME of the things that Ashley said saying she wasn’t talking bad. Uh huh… calling someone a robot and saying some other things isn’t talking trash…Sure…

Caila decides to call Ashley out on this because this is pissing her off and making her frustrated. She tells her that they are trying to move forward, but she is just stalling them and she can stall them for as long as she wants, but they will continue to move forward. Caila tells her that if she really came to paradise to focus on someone else, she should do that. Ashley meanwhile just wants to scratch her eyes out. All I can say is, a fight is brewing.

Well, that’s all I have for today because I don’t know how much more I can type about this whole Ashley, Jared, and Caila situation without feeling annoyed. I’ll see y’all next time on my next recap!




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