Bachelor in Paradise Episode 6

Yes! No… Yes! No… Yes! No… That could really give someone a case of whiplash. Although everyone else would say, “Caila, MAKE UP YOUR FREAKING MIND!!!” I can’t be one to judge her or blame her for anything because I’m exactly like her when it comes to just a pair of shoes or a top that I really want, but don’t want. Yes, they’re material things, but that just shows how indecisive a person can really be. Now people would blame it on her age and “immaturity,” but honestly, I would say that sometimes you really don’t know because there are so many conflicting feelings at play. You have Jared’s feelings, and then you have Brett’s feelings as well; not only that though, you have your own feelings to consider which are very, very confused in the moment.


Anyway, I just wanted to start off a little differently today and give my thoughts in that little snippet. Moving forward…

Last week’s episode ended on a to be continued… like always… I mean what else should we expect. It’s more like Dramadise and not Paradise. Of course with the cocktail ceremony and rose ceremony being dramatic as always, we start off with Ashley I crying… Again… (I mean that’s her thing as everyone says right? So we shouldn’t really expect much less…) People are scrambling because they realize that they could be the ones who are going home (mainly Sarah, The Twins, and Ashley I). Ashley I who is still talking to Jared is crying and crying because there’s no one else like him and she can’t get over that… Seriously typing this sentence makes me want to groan just like Nick who says, “I’m sick of seeing it and every here is probably sick of it.” Like I said in my previous posts, I just LOVEE Nick, what a voice of reason! I really would love a brother like him if I was every acting crazy. Finally, Jared says something other than um… Well… and tells her what he actually feels about this whole situation. Literally, there’s a whole bunch of fish out there in the sea (come on you’re in paradise, there really are), that you could find who would complement you better than Jared. I mean I guess, quoting Selena Gomez’s song, “The Heart wants what it Wants.” Ashley continues to cry as he leaves her as he goes talk to Caila to reaffirm his feelings for her (YESS GO JARED!!)

After faking his illness or sickness or whatever the heck it was (if he was faking it, I don’t know) Carly finally realizes her true feelings for Evan and Evan is as mind blown as we are, “Shut the front door.”

Meanwhile because Daniel is the only one with a unconfirmed rose, the girls who are left scrambling go to all lengths to get his rose. Apparently, he’s Gandhi, a papa bear, and king of the jungle… All I can say is, Damn Daniel you are still weird, but I Love it. Guess you aren’t the eagle anymore. If you’re  Gandhi, what is everyone else then? I seriously wonder what else he can come up with during his stay in paradise. Intriguing seems to be the word of the season. Anyway, Sarah brings him a half birthday cake because it’s his half birthday for her little try at his rose. The Twins decides that Haley needs to give Daniel a kiss which she is not looking forward to and Emily hastily reassures her that she is not going to die or get a disease. Really… the attempts to get his rose are… interesting… Then Ashley I finally stops crying and tries to talk to Daniel, but she ruins this attempt by talking about Jared… Once again… Daniel has to comfort her, but for once he actually makes sense! Does that make him a guru now? Then… he talks about making out with 5 different guys… Once he makes sense, he doesn’t make sense. Now comes King Kong and the Rose ceremony. and the pope? How many aliases can he have??


During the ceremony,

Grant gives his rose to Lace

Josh to Amanda plus his groaning ugh

Nick to Jen

Vinny to Izzy

Evan to Carly

Jared to Caila (Sorry, Ashley! Guess he wants to actually find something instead of feel bad for you.) Also, it doesn’t help when you keep calling everyone fake, some people are just naturally smiley no matter what. Pisses me off that she keeps throwing shade at everyone and setting everyone up to be the one to blame for what is going on with her. Anyway…

Daniel’s rose goes to… Haley… (I’m seriously crying right now, I love Sarah so much I wanted her to stay and meet other people 😦 ) I was rooting for her and Robert and now I was rooting for her with whoever she wanted to be with.

I can’t believe Ashley got another opportunity, if she did, Sarah deserves to, but dramadise needs the drama so of course she gets to come back. Nick speaks volumes for us with his groan. Thanks Nick. I agree with everything Carly said though, that Ashley deserves love, but Jared can’t do anything with her here. Sigh…

The next morning brings a new Ashley I and…

Carl! Blank stares consume the cast. Who is Carl? Andi’s season? Who? What’s his name again? I have to say, I don’t remember him, but he is really hot, even Vinny agrees. Emily loves how hot Carl is and after deciding their age gap isn’t bad, they agree to go on the date together.


Another newcomer comes to Paradise… with a lamp…? And it’s Brett, apparently the guy who brought in a lamp during Andi’s season (sorry, I don’t really remember you either…) He comes in  and Izzy says that she’s overwhelmed with how attracted she is to him because he’s physically what she would love in a man. Another double date with Emily and Carl and Carl (omg, I mean Brett LOL) decides he wants to take Caila who cannot for the life of her make up her mind on if she wants to stay or go on the date. Ashley I is ecstatic because this gives her the opportunity to hang out with Jared. Of course, the “new Ashley I” said she would try to move on and still cannot. I mean it doesn’t happen overnight but maybe you should not hang out with him… Meanwhile, Jared who has feelings for Caila feels like crap. He can’t believe this is happening and says this is karma for all of the ladies he rejected (well, not sure, but it’s something).

Emily, Carl, Caila, and Brett end up going on a booze cruise for their date which is just a version of college students gone wild at sea. Carl and Emily are totally feeling each other (like not exaggerating, totally feeling each other) and Caila is just feeling weird and awkward because it isn’t her scene at all and regrets even going on this date with Brett because she could only think about Jared; she mentions this to Brett and honestly I love her in this moment because at least she told Brett before it got any further. Back at the beach, Ashley I is squeezing every ounce of time with Jared that she possibly can while saying how much Caila is a backstabbing whore in a half-hearted, sort of not really joking way ( I think not really…)

The 4 come back and Caila wants to pull Jared aside because she knows how she feels now. They have a little conversation and Jared is so over the top happy that she feels that way and kisses her with Ashley I eavesdropping and being stalkerish on their conversation and realizing that Jared has moved on and doesn’t like her in that way. As much as I sort of do feel sorry for the girl when she isn’t throwing shade at people, it just needed to happen. (Sorry Ashley)

At night, someone else enters paradise and OMG it’s… Who the heck are you? Ryan B, from Kaitlyn’s season (don’t remember you either, sorry) Daniel gets all territorial and compares Ryan to a silver fox. Ryan and Jared, buddies from Kaitlyn goes to talk and Jared tries really hard to give Ryan the idea to ask Ashley I on the date. Ryan who wanted to ask Sarah (WHY?!? 😦 or Haley) is not really sold on the idea and skeptical. Ashley and Ryan talk and she keeps talking about Jared. Ryan asks Haley on the date who accepts. They end up going horseback riding too (Guess there’s not much to do in Mexico).

Grace go on a date night that Grant plans and Grant tells her that he loves her, after… 2 weeks maybe…? Im not against nor a pessimist of love at first sight but it’s only been a few weeks, maybe I’m falling for you, but not in love with you, but like I said, the heart wants what it wants.

Vinny is falling for Izzy, but Izzy is now taking a backseat to the relationship and trying to put the brakes on it. Having Brett come in puts a dent in her feelings for Vinny because he’s everything she looks for physically. Izzy is feeling guilt for what she’s feeling, but I don’t think she should because honestly (Sorry Vinny, trust me I love you!), it’s paradise you know? What’s the point of paradise? To see if there’s someone you could possibly form a connection with to continue a relationship with outside of the show, not to get married right away (albeit what everyone thinks). It’s also there to see who you can click with and even if you have formed a connection with someone from the start, I feel like all options SHOULD be explored (as “slutty” as that may sound). You need to see if you can form a future with this potential person and sometimes if you have doubts about the other person already, you should see if you have a stronger relationship with someone else because you don’t know if you’re missing out on something that could have you feeling even more sure than what you already have. Vinny and Izzy sit and talk and Izzy tells him the truth about what is going on in her head. It hurts seeing this conversation happen, but props to Izzy, because she’s giving it to him straight as much as it hurts. Vinny, I’m so sorry, it makes me so sad for you to feel like that, you seem like a great guy!

Like Carly says about the whole situation, “How did the lamp guy break up the strongest couple in the house?”

Vinny wants to leave, but the guys try to convince him to stay. Vinny wants to talk with Izzy before he decides anything and it doesn’t look like it’ll be good…

Anyway, that’s all for today! Hope y’all enjoyed it! Stay tuned for the next episode. Leave your thoughts and comments/questions below! 🙂





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