Never too Late (Appleby #1) by Alyssia Leon

Never Too Late (Appleby Series #1)Never Too Late by Alyssia Leon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Huge thank you to Alyssia Leon, the author who had given me an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest review.

This was one of the first books that I’ve read since my reader’s block (yes this actually exists or maybe in my mind this exists…) Anyway, this was sort of how I felt the whole time during the story. Although it was a 4, almost a 3.5, I was just really frustrated throughout the book with Molly, the main character.

Molly King who has lived all of her life at Appleby is still reeling from how her ex ended things with her. She had the perfect life in this quaint and quiet town, but then things changed and everything that she knew to be true was gone, her dreams shattered and dead just like her heart. Then, Jake Hennessy, running away from his own past came into her life and gave her something to feel for again, something to feel hope for again.

Throughout the story, Molly really annoyed me. I’m more of the reader who enjoys a strong-willed, courageous woman/main character, but Molly was so fickle for my taste. I couldn’t really enjoy the story fully because she kept changing her mind and because she kept cowering in fear. Every time I thought she would finally get the courage to do something, she didn’t. My whole being was literally screaming at her like this:

but… she didn’t do as I would have liked which left me really disappointed. I mean she did have her moments, but she wasn’t what my ideal heroine was. Also, she was sort of oblivious to everything around her, I mean I know we’re the readers and we probably see more than what the characters in the book do, but man, I thought she’d be a little more keen on things and stick up for herself more.

However, Jake, my goodness,

seriously, I needed a fan every time there was a scene with him like omg, I could feel the sexiness oozing out from the Kindle App on my phone if that’s possible. He’s definitely one of the more Alpha male characters that I enjoy in stories. He was a bit fickle at times too though and although I understood why, it was still a little frustrating for me. I wish he knew what he wanted out of everything that was going on, but eh it’s a part of the story and it was fine in this case in all honesty.

The characters I really enjoyed though were Lilayni (what a firecracker); she was the voice of reason every time and I loved her so much for it. I wish I was able to read more of Damon and Sophie because they seemed like great characters in this first read as well. However, I look forward to seeing if there is more in store for them by the author in the future.

Storyline wise, it was honestly a good quick read for me and helped me get out of my reader’s block a bit which has been plaguing me since the beginning of this summer. There wasn’t as much drama as I was expecting, but it was still good, although some of the things that occurred was sort of mind boggling to me. Anyway, without giving too much away, it helps people to see what they really want in life which is something I will take away. Sometimes what you think is right for you isn’t really right for you and what is right in front of you isn’t for you.

Life is just too short for the what ifs. Figure out what life is about for you and live it to the best of your ability because you only have one life.

***Note*** NOT FOR THE faint. Sexual scenes were sooo hot, I was literally melting in a puddle every time there was one.

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