Bachelor in Paradise Episode 5


Literally this is my face when I see that the Ashley I crying storm is about to roll through paradise. Like seriously, I get that it’s just a TV show and that this is all for ratings and drama, but why did you have to bring her back just for the sake of causing drama in Caila and Jared’s relationship, like why?!?! I don’t get it at all… You could’ve totally played on a different storyline involving Ashley I. Like the whole Jared and Ashley I thing is just sickening to watch and I almost couldn’t watch this episode at all. I get that in real life she’s different and everyone is different than they’re portrayed because cameras only show you the parts that they want you to see, but some of it is true because you can’t be putting on an act 24/7 unless you’re just a really good actress. The whole thing just makes me sick and as I’m watching her, some of it doesn’t even look like real tears anymore, she just looks like she scrunches up her face. Now I’m not attacking her character at all because I don’t even know her or her personality, but I’m speaking about the character she’s portraying on BiP, it’s just really annoying. Like who are you to tell anyone to not go after a guy beforehand and why are you keeping your friend from happiness just for yours?? You’re literally pining after a guy who doesn’t even like you in that way, but come on Jared don’t go on to second base if you don’t have any romantic feelings towards her =.=. Don’t give a girl whiplash now eh?

Anyway, because of Hurricane Ashley, Caila and Jared’s relationship is taking a bit of a back seat because it’s making Caila feel more awkward and uncomfortable. Jared is getting frustrated that once again Ashley is ruining things in Paradise for him. Dude, just tell her straight up that you don’t like her; it’s pretty much like ripping off a band-aid. The quicker you do it, the less it’ll hurt, it’ll still hurt, but it’ll be faster.

I agreed with what Carly was saying during her conversation with Caila and Sarah explaining things, that it was good that Caila came before because Ashley needs to see this and Jared needs to not feel obligated to not pay attention to other girls and just pay attention to Ashley. You know, I didn’t really like Carly before because of the whole drama with Britt during Chris’ season, but after seeing her on this season, I really actually like her and her ITM’s LOL.

Moving on…

“Not sure what happens when you put an alien and a virgin together.”-Nick


Daniel and Ashley’s date… LOL Nick, telling you, I love him now too!

So apparently they just keep talking about virginity and virgins because that’s a topic Daniel is really turned on by.. Umm… Huh… This weird Canadian… As funny as he is, he really is really awkward.

Cute to Jared and Caila who wants Caila to not hold back with him because he wants to care for her. Aww, Jared! I’ve seen you on both seasons and this is the most affection you’ve showed anyone! Makes me happy for you! You get her and don’t worry about the storm that’s brewing (Are there really that many storms in paradise?)

Anyway, a new arrival comes and its Jen Saviano from Ben’s season. I had to look at her pictures to remember her to be honest, but I remembered that I really liked her and thought she was cool. She takes Nick oh a date and they hit it off really well  (YAY NICK YOU GOT THIS!) until the crabs come along and become third wheelers.


Meanwhile, Evan and Carly have to go to the hospital or something again because of Evan feeling lightheaded and apparently this is so romantic that Carly starts to realize something about Evan.  Hmm, I don’t know where this new development is really going, but ok. Then Ashley keeps on crying…

At last… The night of the Rose Ceremony

Jared pulls Caila aside to speak to her and ask her to open up.

Nick tells Ashley, “This isn’t love, this is infatuation, this is an obsession, not even close. You will NEVER be with Jared.”

GOSH I love him being the voice of reason and telling her this. He is so right and so level-minded about this. Ashley meanwhile starts whining like a little kid about him not being right and goes talk to Jared. Jared is frustrated and actually tells her what he feels and she makes it all about her and her feelings for him. Jared gets so angry that he tells her that he doesn’t even want to be there anymore which leads to a TBC. Well that’s all for now! Tune in next week for my thoughts on paradise.




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