Bachelor in Paradise Episode 4

Dun dun dun…

Continuing off from where I left off of last week’s post, Evan the ever-so optimist interrupts Amanda and Josh who keeps on groaning (Like does he not realize how disgusting he sounds? Not sexy at all man, so not) to give her his self-made date card to see if he still has a chance with her. I’m not so sure if I would call him desperate… I sort of like his tenacity, but eh… While bringing her to his planned dinner date, Vinny and Izzy both witness this tragic disaster waiting to happen.


“He is the king of awkward. Just stop being the f***ing awkward Doctor.”-Vinny

Nicely said Vinny, very nicely said.

While waiting for Amanda to return who is currently listening to Evan pour his heart out, Josh is making the same groaning noises he makes with Amanda with pizza… Like dude do you have another other sounds you can make other than groaning noises? Now, returning to Evan and Amanda’s conversation, another woman once again turns down the “Penis Doctor” (Credits: Jubilee Sharpe) who once again feels like he’s on the outs with the women of paradise. Poor Evan… Don’t worry buddy, there will be more ladies for you to choose from if you make it another week. There’s someone out there for you, don’t lose that hope! And… now I wish I didn’t say those things because I think you might just be delusional… Spark in her eye?!? What??! Where do you get these things from?! Afterwards, Amanda returns to Josh and all he can keep doing is groaning while eating pizza… Please let’s move past this little segment…


Before the rose ceremony, Daniel shaves Vinny’s back. That is what I call a bromance. Anyways…,

Cue to Rose Ceremony Night and it’s ladies night which means ladies are giving out the roses and 2 guys will go home. Before the ceremony even starts, Chris Harrison comments on how sweaty Josh looks already and honestly, I’m sort of a sweaty person myself but dang he could fill a bucket with the amount of sweat he was dripping. Moving on, the scrambling starts and Amanda gets pulled aside by both Evan and Nick who warn her about who Josh really is according to some of the things that were written about him by Andi Dorfman (whose book I have not yet read, but will read). Now when you hear things from multiple people especially one who actually spent more time with him than you have, wouldn’t you heed their warnings and step back a little bit? When Josh hears that people are talking s*** about him, he goes off on Evan and says I don’t like when people talk about me to others, confront me, don’t go behind my back blah blah. Honestly I get what he’s saying, but this was more of a warning for Amanda, people weren’t really talking smack about you. They just had concerns about you and wanted to look out for their friend. I did not see why he had to get really defensive about it and in my opinion, that raised some red flags for me about Josh.

Then, cue to Daniel and Sarah who I think look adorable together. Daniel is talking to Sarah and all of a sudden gets stung by a bee and in his ITM hopes that he hasn’t gotten impregnated by the bee somehow. LOL. I just can’t.


Now for the rose ceremony.

Lace to Grant

Izzy to Vinny

Emily to Jared

Amanda to Josh

Sarah to Daniel (sorry Christian!)

Carly to Evan (PLATONIC EVAN, PLATONIC) and…

Haley to… Nick?!?!

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 1.30.27 PM


Well there goes Christian and Brandon who both literally lasted not even one rose ceremony.

Come the next day, Emily cannot stop talking about how much she likes Jared and how much she looks forward to Jared.

Cue princess music… A new arrival… and… it’s… CAILA QUINN FROM BEN’S SEASON.

Sorry for the caps y’all, but I was totally looking forward to her arrival as well haha.

“She has gorgeous hair.”-Jared, Nick, and a bunch of other people lol

“I’ve been on two seasons with Jared and I’ve never seen him smile that hard. He’s actually so nervous he’s sweating.”-Carly

“She’s too pretty… She’s too perfect, it makes her condescending. What does condescending even mean?”-Emily the Twin

“I’m prettier than her. I’d pick me”-Emily the Twin

NO ONE was expecting Caila to come at all, so when she arrives, every single guy is just in awe of her… and her hair. Nick is not shy to tell her during their talk and inquires about her dress, if it’s a dress or a gown at all. LOL, Nick. All of the ladies become nervous that Caila will steal their “man” away from them. Jared, who has sort of been coupled with Emily is literally smiling from ear to ear and becomes all nervous and sweaty. I have watched Season 2 of BiP and every episode of this season and I agree with Carly, I have never seen such a giddy, boyish smile on Jared’s face. He feels a little conflicted though because of his and Emily’s relationship. Caila ends up asking him on the date, and literally makes her wait so he can talk to Emily about it who tells him to just go on the date.

Emily hopes that their date does not go well and as Nick says, “I’ve been dumped twice on national television. It’s ok to hurt and wish that their date doesn’t go well.”(too true Nick, too true).

Meanwhile, Jared and Caila hit it off really well on their horseback riding date on the beach. Emily all the meanwhile keeps throwing shade at Caila and wondering why no one wants her because she’s serious about finding love. Hmm.. you wonder why and yet you keep talking s*** about everyone and finding fault in them to make yourself feel better… Sigh… I feel bad for her, I do, don’t get me wrong, but I can’t feel bad for her when she keeps talking s*** about everyone to make herself feel better, I really can’t. When they come back from their date, it is sooo awkward, and Jared finally calls Emily to talk to her and tell her that he wants to explore things with Caila which leads to her pity party again.

Izzy, Vinny, Lace, and Grant (Vizzy and Grace or the “Fantastic Four” (what the f***?)) go on the first ever double date in paradise. Yay…. (sarcasm here if you can’t detect it) They end up going to dinner and a foam party in which a girl promptly throws water on Izzy and Lace. Lace, being who she is, gets this “look,” as Grant puts it on her face and she’s about to go off on the b****. However, Grant doesn’t want her to do anything so she ends up not doing anything about it. I literally though fireworks were about to go off, but firefighter Grant doused them before anything could happen.


Back at the Paradise home, Sarah and Carly plan a double date for Daniel and Evan and somehow afterwards, Evan gets a medical call because he didn’t wake up or something…? I’m still confused about what happened here too to be honest.

Nick, is sad that he hasn’t found anyone to connect with after almost becoming engaged to two different ladies. (Aww it’s ok Nick! There’s someone out there for you!!!) In all honesty, I wasn’t a fan of Nick’s before, but now I literally absolutely love him.


The next morning, everyone’s enjoying paradise and cue the music… A new arrival…Guess who… Ashley I better known as the Kardashian wannabe. Sigh. I don’t know why she’s back like Jared has explicitly said he doesn’t like you… Stop being so delusional like.. I know people have their opinions about her and defend her saying that it’s all an edit and the producers want her to be like that and yes, I totally see where in some cases they want her to be all clingy over Jared, like right now, but the edits from last season with her comments about Clare were just tacky and very immature and disrepectful. I don’t care if it’s “edited” to make it seem that way, but some things are things you really said, you can’t just keep using the excuse that oh we were edited to look that way, and those are my thoughts on that. Anywho, she hasn’t told Jared she’s coming to win back his heart and because she hasn’t gotten over him… Well, this should be a fun next episode… and that’s all for now! Stay tuned for the next episode which is coming soon!

Looks of the episode:

Sarah’s ensemble at the ceremony and Caila’s outfit during her entrance into Paradise


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