Use Somebody by Riley Jean

Use SomebodyUse Somebody by Riley Jean
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Thanks to the author who provided me with a mobi copy of this story in exchange for an honest review.

Throughout all of her life, Scarlett Rossi was seen as the “good girl,” the girl with blonde curly hair and a cute, almost angelic face who was in a way almost a pushover as well, allowing herself to follow what others wanted to do. However,a tragic incident changes all of that and she becomes “Scar,” the badass girl who doesn’t allow anyone to walk all over her and mess around with her. Vance Holloway, a sweet, funny, charismatic guy tries to get this hardass girl to break out of this shell she has created around her; however, she is stubborn and doesn’t want him to keep on trying. He refuses to give up though because he knows that there is more to this broken, stubborn, almost insulting girl than meets the eye.

Warning: This story is not for anyone who is looking for a novella or something short to read, it is a pretty lengthy read, so be prepared.

This story was enjoyable to read; however, I did feel that it was a bit long and that some parts were unnecessary and didn’t add anything to the story. Also, I felt that it was just all about Scarlett, like I felt like there could’ve been some backstory to some of the characters such as Ricky and Vance, or just something more to them, but there wasn’t anything really except for some character development. Albeit the length and some unnecessary parts, everything else about the book itself was great. This is another amazing read about healing parts about yourself that are damaged and haunted and also just discovering new things each and every day about the people that surround you and about yourself as well. This is a book that allows one to stop overanalyzing and shutting the world out. It allows one to feel something, to be emotional and to allow others in to the depths of whatever one may be hiding. The author did an excellent job of portraying all of these aspects throughout the whole book, especially with Scarlett. I was really able to relate to this book so much because a lot of what was happening was similar to what had happened to me in the past and what was happening to me now in the present (excluding the robbery and whatnot). That was what was most amazing about the whole story; anyone could relate to what Riley Jean wrote about and I really enjoy stories that allow readers to do that; it gives everything so much more meaning and power.

Regarding the characters:
OK, honestly, I really liked Scarlett and her badass attitude at first and then once she started opening up and changing, she actually annoyed me more than anything. I did like some of the changes she made such as (you’ll have to read it for yourself) forgiving people who did wrong to her and forgiving those who used her for their own personal needs. I also liked that she allowed herself to actually feel more than just anger and hatred. However, some of the choices she made seriously pissed me off. I felt like she was more naive as “Scar” than as Scarlett. With the whole Ricky and Vance situation, just UGH, I don’t know, I was just so annoyed every time I read about something she did that had to do with Ricky and Vance. Then her so called “friends” were such bitches (excuse my language), like yeah I get the other person is your friend and has been your friend longer, but what about Scarlett, like she became your friend too and yet you ditch her and talk shit (sorry again) about her behind her back like what the heck?!?!?! Ugh, I didn’t really like anyone too much except for Vance and Ricky surprisingly and some of Scarlett’s old high school friends, other than that, everyone just pissed me off. Seriously though, some of the things Scarlett did =.=, no comment, like I just couldn’t read through some parts.

Anywho, I really did enjoy the story, there were just some questionable parts in my opinion. However, there was so much that I gained from reading it and I hope everyone else who reads this story can gain as much as I did.

Second chances are always given, you just have to allow yourself to believe that you are deserving of one.

Sometimes you have to let people in and not shut everyone out. The person you least expected to help you and break through your walls can be the person that you trust dearly and rely on the most later on.

People come and go and things do happen for a reason; however harsh they may be.

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