Undeniable by Emma L Smith

UndeniableUndeniable by Emma L. Smith
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Thanks once again to the author for giving me a free e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

For the past 10 years, Kate Arnold has been in a marriage which has slowly been disintegrating. She doesn’t really know what to do anymore because she doesn’t feel the passion nor the love she used to for her husband anymore. The struggle of trying to keep up the pretense of being in a happy marriage takes its toll on her. However, everything changes the moment she meets Cole Ryder, the son of the boss of the company. He is so different from her husband and he is quickly ingrained into her mind and her heart; however, she doesn’t want to give up on her marriage that easily and tries to make an effort. The more she finds out about Cole though, the more she becomes intrigued with him, finding herself in a situation she never fathomed.

Another great read that I was very pleased with by Emma! So far, I’ve loved every one of her books and this is also on the list of books that I love by her. Anyways, one would suspect or think that infidelity is involved in this book and I mean I guess it is, but not really. I actually feel for Kate because her marriage is falling apart; however, no matter what, she doesn’t want to hurt Daniel and also she kept wanting to try to fix her marriage instead of give up like a lot of people do. That was actually really endearing of her to do and I respected her a lot for it. I mean she was attracted to Cole, physically and emotionally, but she didn’t really act on it until she for sure knew what she wanted for herself and from Cole. She also wanted to make sure that she wasn’t just a notch on his bed-post and that he would fully be committed to her. This was another one of those books where there wasn’t too many issues between the two people who were involved with one another and I enjoyed it. I liked how Kate was so understanding of the issues that Cole had with his father and how understanding and patient Cole was with and of Kate and her situation. This book in a way really is a depiction of love at first sight and it gives those of us romance lovers hope that there is such a thing out there. These two characters became such an integral part of each other’s lives and it was so heart-breaking to see that they couldn’t live without one another. I actually didn’t really see what was coming towards the end. I was a bit shocked by the events that occured, but the events spiraled into something that worked out in the end.

For the characters, I loved Kate, she was stubborn, but determined. She didn’t allow anyone or anything to get in her way of trying to make a better life for herself including her attractive, intriguing, but exacerbating boss. Cole is also just perfection to me, I mean he has his faults and issues, but my gosh, if he were real. Ah! Haha! He was amazing throughout the whole story and it was great to see that he wasn’t really a playboy while he was interested in Kate in comparison to many other books I have read. Then there’s Lucy, Kate’s sister. One word for Lucy. HAHA. I loved Lucy and also Kate’s friends Jenny and Tara. They were all so supportive and understanding of her situation and I loved how they all wanted to help her out in any way they could. They were true friends to Kate and it was nice seeing that none of them tried to cause her any trouble with her relationship. All in all, another great read!

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