The Day of the Wave by Becky Wicks

The Day Of The WaveThe Day Of The Wave by Becky Wicks
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Thanks to the author who provided me with an e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Isla and Ben been through so much in the last 10 years since being torn apart from one another by the tsunami that hit Thailand. Isla, who is living in London, has panic attacks just thinking about the horrific things that had occurred to her and others due to the tsunami. Even thinking about going back to Thailand has her breaking out in hives. Ben on the other hand lives in Thailand and has helped to restore many things that were lost to the tsunami. He tries to get through the pain by conquering some of the fears that he has; however, he still has many demons that plague him. Brought together by luck after so many years apart and fearing that the other was lost forever, they set out to not only get to know each other once again and discover new things about one another, they try to help each other conquer one another’s demons in order to be able to fully live life the way they want to.

This was honestly one of the most beautiful stories that I have read. In all honesty, I loved the premise of the story; how two people changed because of a disaster that had happened (a real life disaster) and how they reunite and get to know each other once again. Not only that, but they try to gain new life for themselves by working through issues that they both have and although many people would think that this is similar to many other New Adult Contemporary Romances, I would say that it is not because it was so different in that so many people were broken because of the tsunami and torn apart from their families. There was so much more lost and I felt as though that the characters were lost as well. Although they were living, they weren’t actually LIVING life and had no clue as to who they were and to who they had become. It was a book that was about finding hope, being hopeful, and finding yourself and allowing yourself to be happy. I found myself so sad throughout some parts of the story because I felt as though I was so naive and uninformed about the tsunami. I felt as though I was stupid and didn’t know that one had even occurred. This book helped me gain some insight to the 2004 disaster and some insight to the damage that had been done not only to different countries in the surrounding areas, but to the people who were in the areas at the time as well. Overall, it was beautiful reading about Ben and Isla’s stories and how they were reunited with one another in order to help one another become whole again.

It may be hard to conquer your fears; however, it is worth it because you live life more fully and with no regrets. Don’t allow yourself to be overtaken by fear.

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