Summer Tour (Summer Tour Series #1) by Diane Matlick

Summer Tour (Summer Tour Series, #1)Summer Tour by Diane Matlick
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Thanks to the author who provided by with a mobi copy of this story in exchange for an honest review.

Anna has worked hard her whole life in order to provide substance to her younger sister. On the outside, she seems like a put together person; however, she has demons that she has to conquer inside. She has a past that has haunted her for many years and continues to wreak havoc on her by causing her do things that she doesn’t really want to do. Ben, one of her best friends since childhood has loved Anna their whole lives; however, enough is enough for him and he cannot continue pining for someone who keeps using him and tossing him to the side. However, there are reasons as to why she keeps pushing him away and why she does what she does. As hard as she tries to hide them, they soon come to light when she spends more time with him and his friends on the Summer Tour. However, it could be more beneficial for her than detrimental.

This story was really interesting and was a little different from others that I have read. However, it was once again all about hope and being able to change yourself into the person that you want to be and the person that you want others to look at in a positive light. I liked how it was relevant to some of the issues that plague society today, such as smoking weed and whatnot. I liked that the author wasn’t afraid to include that in her story because I feel like weed is so prevalent in society nowadays and is a huge issue as well. However, maybe there was a bit too much mention of weed and smoking it in the story. Anna was a great surprise; I liked how much she changed from the beginning to the end of the story. I can’t really say that Ben had changed, he was an ok guy, but jumped to conclusions too quickly. I really loved Rocky though, I thought that he was just hilarious and had graeat lines and everyone else was great as well like Rachel and Matt. Also, I felt that Anna had no one really before, but afterwards, she had a whole lot of people who were behind her and wanted to help her out of her situation and that was just great to read about. All in all, this was a short, enjoybale read about second chances.

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