Shameless by Nina Lemay

ShamelessShameless by Nina Lemay
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Thanks to the author who provided me with an eARC of the story in exchange for an honest review.

Hannah Shay aka Alicia is a student and a stripper and who thinks she’s just one of those “clichés.” She struggles to meet end’s meet and doesn’t really have anyone in her corner who supports her. Then comes Emmanuel Arnau, someone who she meets before finding out that he’s actual her new photography professor. :O What a shock that is! He’s intrigued by this girl who’s a student by day and a stripper at night because she’s so closed off from everything and everyone around her. Sparks fly, but both are keeping things from one another that may alter their relationship, either for the good or bad.

This was me the whole time:

AGH!!! It started off alright, I do like how Hannah is really straightforward and fiesty because I can’t stand main characters who don’t really have a backbone to stand up for themselves, but she’s also so naive and her actions annoy me so. There were times I really was just smacking myself on the forehead going, WHAT THE HECK IS THIS GIRL DOING!?!? What she did just annoyed me to no end. I felt like it took most of the book to get her out of the shell she was hiding in and I was sort of ecstatic that we finally found out later. It wasn’t that I was anxious to find out what the secret was, it was just a little annoying that it took forever to find out what she was hiding from and why she acted like she did. Emmanuel, I did like him to an extent, but I felt like he didn’t really help her as much as he could’ve, but maybe it was for the best and maybe it was better for her to find out herself and to try to better her own life herself which is understandable. I mean I did enjoy the book, but Hannah’s naivety just irked me to no end. I liked her trying not to be a “cliche” though and not trying to prove herself to anyone. It’s better just to be yourself instead of trying to get others to like you and I felt like that was a good quality of Hannah. The overall story was good and I enjoyed reading it.

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