Scent of Roses by Clarissa Cartharn

Scent of RosesScent of Roses by Clarissa Cartharn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

*Thanks to the author who gave me a mobi file of this story in exchange for an honest review.*

Zoe is talked into going on a blind date at the Hotel Carpathia by her friend, but in reality she is going to be on a documentary which features Dante Dimitriou, a successful and very attractive business mogul. Known by all as one who was able to take over his family business at such a young age after this father died, he is very revered as a successful businessman. Talked into doing the documentary by his best friend, Connor, he is very pessimistic about the experience since all women only want him for his money. However that all changes when he sees Zoe, a girl who against all odds intrigues him no matter how much of a contrast she is to other women he’s encountered in his past. This whirlwind of a journey brings them both to places that they never thought they would encounter.

This story was very interesting and captivating. It had many aspects of The Bachelor in it; however, there were many different twists that were put into it. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and I was actually glad that Zoe wad oblivious to the ever growing attraction between Dante and her. It made him work harder at trying to capture her attention and he usually doesn’t have to work that hard at trying to attract a woman at all. He opens up to her like no one else he’s been with and she also reciprocates by allowing him to hear of her hardships throughout her life. I thought that their friendship was beautiful because it progressed from this stage to them falling in love with each other without them really planning to. It was like The Bachelor, but with more feeling and passion. It was great seeing such a successful business entrepreneur and ‘playboy’ have his initial thoughts on love and women change. Also I enjoyed the angst and frustration with Dante and Zoe due to her obliviousness. However, I still wanted to know about what had happened with Zoe and Kyle, but other than that this was a beautiful story and I enjoyed it very much.

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