Reading between the Lines (The Rosewoods #4) by Katrina Abbott

Reading Between the Lines (The Rosewoods, #4)Reading Between the Lines by Katrina Abbott
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

*Thanks as always to Katrina, the author for giving me an e-copy of this story in exchange for an honest review.*

This newly released installment of the Rosewoods series continues with Brooklyn and her ever-evolving life at Rosewood Academy. She is finally in a relationship with one of the 3 guys that have been so eagerly vying for her interest and heart and now she has finally settled down. However, there are some events that occur which have her questioning if the person she is with is really who she wants to be with for a while. Meanwhile, her brother Robert drops by unannounced and Brooklyn can’t help but wonder, “Why is Robert here when he should be studying at Yale?” So many concerns arise within Brooklyn’s mind; however, with having to read Jared’s memoir, Dave’s feelings for her, and Brady’s feelings for her, she is left feeling vulnerable and insecure.

Seriously, just OH MY GOODNESS. This book was amazing! I enjoyed every part of it. The moment I received it, I was so eager to continue Brooklyn’s story at Rosewood Academy. This book really exceeded my expectations though. There were many things that occurred that I did not see coming at all. While reading the book, my jaw dropped open so many times because of all the surprises that kept popping up. Really, I didn’t think that Robert, Brooklyn’s brother would appear within the series and I’m really glad he did. I think that he adds a very different dynamic to the girls of Rosewood because everyone else at Rosewood is only interested in the Westwood boys since they’re the closest boys within the vicinity and also he is Brooklyn’s brother, so that changes the dynamic within Brooklyn’s group. I thought Chelly’s character was great in this book and was glad that she got more of a role compared to other books that she’s been in. It was great to read more of her personal life, even though it was a very small part. I feel as though she’s more of the underrated characters in the series; however, her helping Brooklyn throughout all of the events that occurred shows her loyalty and also more of her soft and non-crazed boy side. I also thought the interaction between her and Robert was hilarious and would actually enjoy them in a pairing together. I wasn’t really all too sure about the interaction between Robert and Emmie though… I don’t know, maybe because I’m not a big fan of Emmie’s, I don’t hate her, but I don’t necessarily like her character; I’m not sure. She’s still a good friend to Brooklyn though, and I’m surprised at how understanding she was in this book with what Brooklyn had to confess to her. Then there is what happens with Brooklyn and her array of boys; seriously, I just didn’t see ANYTHING coming. Wow, I respect Brooklyn a lot for not dragging or leading any of the boys on. She’s such a fierce, loyal, understanding, and straight-forward character that she’s great to read about. Her interactions with Brady; OH MY GOSH, so intense and filled with so much angst; ugh I actually got annoyed with what happened near the ending with them. I was disappointed, but I hope that there’s more of them in the next installment. Then there’s Dave, I’m not really sure what to think of their relationship, but then again, I’m really partial to Brady. All in all, this book was another great read by Katrina Abbott, and that ending was not at all expected. I can’t wait to see the rest of the developments in the next installment.

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