Playing the Part (The Rosewoods #3) by Katrina Abbott

Playing the Part (The Rosewoods, #3)Playing the Part by Katrina Abbott
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

*Thanks to the author for providing me with an e-copy of the story in exchange for an honest review.*

This story in the Rosewoods series is about Kaylee Bennett and her life at Rosewood Academy. Coming back to Rosewood, Kaylee knew things would be different; she knew she was different. Her whole life went from being great to being stressful. Accepted back to Rosewood on a scholarship, she became afraid that if her friends knew, they would start to treat her differently and look at her in a different light. Then there are her boy troubles with Phillip, the boy who she threw up on the year before at the dance and Declan, the new handsome Irish boy who saved her from embarassment by asking her to dance. She has no idea what to do because she has an unrequited crush on Phillip, but she is also intrigued by Declan. However, when she finds out something that changes her mind about him, she’s not so sure about anything anymore. Along with these troubles, she also has to run the school play due to her community service assignment. With no time to spare for herself, she feels like she’s going to be driven insane.

Again, another fantastic book written by Katrina Abbott. This is my third review for one of her books and I can honestly say it didn’t disappoint. I loved that we were being able to see more into why Kaylee acted like she did in the other books. Also, Kaylee was one of my favorite characters in the other books with Brooklyn as the main character so I was excited to be reading about her. However, one of the most annoying attributes about her character was her indecisiveness about the guys who were interested in her. Also, I didn’t really like her obliviousness to how Phillip was treating her and using her for his own needs and wants. Declan was obviously so attracted to her and her to him, but when she heard the things she did, she became cold towards him and I felt like she could’ve just confronted him about those things if anything. Even though she is not a confrontational character, she should’ve just asked Declan instead of avoid him every time she got the chance to. I still love Kaylee though, she is a very practical character. I really loved Declan as well; in terms of the boys in the books, I felt as though he was really sweet and caring and even though Kaylee kept giving him the cold shoulder, he was determined to try to win her over. Finding out what I did about Kaylee and the masquerade ball was hilarious. I really did not see that coming at all. Even though it was surprising, it was great to see how it all turned out. Overall, I enjoyed this book and I can’t see what is next in the series.

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