My Own Worst Enemy (MOWE #1) by Emma L. Smith

My Own Worst Enemy (MOWE, #1)My Own Worst Enemy by Emma L. Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

* Thanks to the author for giving me a free e-copy of this story in exchange for an honest review. *

Bethany Lewis has always loved Trick Travers, her brother’s best friend. However, due to unfortunate circumstances, she has never thought that it would be possible for him to love her in more than a friend way. Trick; however, has always loved Bethany more than she could ever know, he would do anything for her. Tragic events occurred that leave both Beth and Trick in heart-wrenching situations that leave them both with aching hearts.

This was such a heart-wrenching story to read. I absolutely was blown away by the writing of the author; in an amazing way though. This is a book which encompasses heartbreak, real-life issues such as abuse, and emotional trauma. Wow. From the very beginning, I was intrigued and pulled into the story. I didn’t cry, but there were so many parts which almost caused me to break down into tears. I felt like I was in the story reliving everything that had occurred to Bethany, Trick, and her brother Ben. Some may think that Beth was a weak character who couldn’t own up to or didn’t want to remember the tramautic events that occurred in the past; however, I understand completely why she would want to repress them or create an alternate version of what really happened. I commend her so much as a character; she encompasses someone who is strong and fierce, but with so much heartache and angst that goes along with everything she does. It’s so surprising to find out what had actually happened that made her want to forget everything that happened. These are the parts in which I really wanted to break down into tears. If others in real life went through what she went through, I don’t know if they would be able to get through it like she did, including me. I mean she does try to get away from the pain by doing drastic things; however, her being able to survive and try to surpass the pain she has felt, I commend and respect her for it. Although I love Trick, I felt like there were times when he gave up on her and the situation way too easily. It is understandable since the woman that he loves barely remembers their life together; however, he takes the really easy way out at times and it’s a little frustrating. Then there is Ben, Beth’s brother. I honestly feel for him so much; he is one of my favorite characters because he truly deeply cares and loves his twin sister. Although Trick feels the pain from what has happened, so has Ben. Ben seems as though he feels more pain from what has happened to his sister. He is so overprotective of her and everything that occurs, I love it though because it shows how devoted he is to trying to help her live a normal life. However, there are times when my heart aches for him because in a way he can’t, he has to take care of his sister who he worries for every day and night. I just love Ben so much though, he is the best brother that anyone could ever ask for, but Beth at times couldn’t see that which was a bit annoying. The things that Bethany, Trick, and Ben went through though, just they’re so tramautizing, I couldn’t help but feel a piece of my heart ache and yearn for them even though they’re just characters. All in all, the story was just so heartfelt and I was so enamoured by it. It was a beautiful story by Emma Smith and I enjoyed it so very much.

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