Masquerade (The Rosewoods #2) by Katrina Abbott

Masquerade (The Rosewoods, #2)Masquerade by Katrina Abbott
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

*Thanks to the author who provided me a free copy in exchange for an honest review.*

In this next installment of The Rosewoods series, Brooklyn Prescott finally finds herself as a part of the Rosewoods girls. Now that she has found a place for herself, she finally feels content and wanted. Along with finding true friends, she also deals with the many men in her life whom still include Will, Emmie’s boyfriend; Jared, Will’s roommate; and Brady, her Equestrian coach. Many events occur which have Brooklyn questioning her honesty with her friends.

Oh my goodness. This book was great; I thorougly enjoyed every moment of the second book to this series. I was very determined to finish reading even though I had an early morning and I couldn’t sleep until I found out what had happened between Brooklyn and the men in her life. I liked how the pace went in this story; it moved at a very nice pace and the story didn’t have any pauses or filters to it. The story was in a way amusing as well as very intense. Even though it was filled with issues that are typical of teenagers, they weren’t such boring, dull, and shallow issues. They were actually interesting enough to read more about. I actually likde Brooklyn’s interactions with all of the characters and how the other characters reciprocated towards her responses. Her interactions with the boys that are interested in her were very amusing and also intriguing. I’m pretty sure I said this in my review of the first book, but I’ll reiterate it again; the boys whom are interested in Brooklyn are all unique in their own way. Will, is still a bit of a question mark due to the fact that he is one of Brooklyn’s best friend’s boyfriend; however, what happens between them both was not anything that I was expecting. I was laying in bed, reading and all of a sudden :O, my jaw just dropped and it was a little exciting as well.

There is still also Jared; however, he wasn’t in the story as much. He is still such a sweetheart though, I enjoyed his presence in this book a lot even though he wasn’t really there physically for Brooklyn. Finally, there is Brady. I really don’t have any words for Brady. I just love him so much; if he wasn’t just a character in a story; I would date him myself; Haha! He’s so intense and full of angst for Brooklyn, it’s amazing. I feel like he’s just so real of a person and he excites me even for a character in a story. Team Brady all the way, unless something major happens in the next book, I am Team Brady all the way.

Overall, everything about this story was enjoyable; from the plot to the characters. It’s a very enjoyable YA/NA read and I really can’t wait for the next book in the series. Thanks again to Katrina for allowing me to read and review this book. I would gladly read and review the next book if necessary; thank you again.

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