Logan Lost by Emma L. Smith

Logan LostLogan Lost by Emma L. Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*Thanks once again Emma for giving me a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. *

Warning: This book is really truly not for the faint-hearted. There are many parts with graphic scenes which might later on be imbedded into your mind or make you sick. I warned you beforehand so if this happens, don’t blame me 😉

Lily Logan, a successful, ruthless, but persuasive business woman has a cold heart according to people. She doesn’t let too many people into her personal life, but that is due to the fact that she spent many of her 30 or so years in a harsh and abusive relationship with her adoptive brother, Tom Logan. She’s not really sure how to let others into her messed up mind until she meets Eliot Marchant, a business man. However, this man also has some secrets of his own that just might deter their relationship. With both sides at odds with one another in terms of the skeletons in their closet, there is no shortage of arguments and fights which make your toes curl and bring you to the edge of nothingness.

OH MY GOSH. WOW. GOODNESS. When I first started the book, I didn’t really know what to expect because even though I had read the synopsis, this wasn’t usually the type of book that I would read so I had no idea how I would react to the events that occurred. But, WOW. This was an AMAZING read; Emma has once again blown me away with her writing. This was such an intense and passionate read that I was determined to finish it as soon as possible, staying up until I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore. I have way too many things to say about this book,but I’ll try to keep it to the point. disillusioned This is probably the perfect word to describe Lily because although I love how persuasive she can be and how she can get many things that she needs from her persuasive nature and how fierce she is, she is also disillusioned by everything that Tom tells her and how he acts towards her. The whole time I literally was screaming, WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS???! YOU ARE RUINING YOUR LIFE! OH MY GOSH!!!! Those moments were the ones that made me want to pull every inch of my hair off of my head. Ugh, she kept making mistakes that showcased a bit of her stubborn and also ignorant side. Then there’s Tom, her supposed love. I really want to say things that aren’t very appropriate, but I’ll keep them inside. AGH TOM. I just wanted to be in the book myself and punch him in the face. FIRST CLASS MANIPULATOR I felt like he manipulated everyone around him and everyone was just putty into his charmed up words. This annoyed and aggravated me to no end because it was so obvious that he was a sick, twisted, sadistic person who wanted nothing more than to hurt the people around him, including Lily. I think Tom was a bit disillusioned as well into thinking that he could do whatever he wanted and not get in trouble for it. Even though I did feel some sympathy for him as to why he became who he was, in the end, I wasn’t really sure if he was even truthful to the reason why he was who he was. I really really hated him throughout this story. He was a sick, disgusting, vile person whom everyone seemed to love, which I didn’t get at all. Then there’s Eliot and even though he has his own sick preferences, I felt as though he was the complete opposite of Tom in many ways and I sort of liked Eliot in some way which is weird. I LOVED Joe though, what he would do for his sister was unbelievable and incredible. Also, even though he had a brotherly relationship with Tom, I also loved how he wouldn’t hesitate to kick Tom’s ass if he ever hurt his sister nor would he hesitate to confront him about how he was treating his sister. I liked Jack and Paul as well, up to a certain extent. I just wished that Lily did eventually tell them everything because they are her best friends and I would’ve liked to read about how they would’ve reacted to everything that had happened in her life.

The whole time during the book I was so irritated and aggravated at all of the events that occured. Tom seriously, he was such a manipulator and I don’t know how girls or ANYONE fell putty into his hands at all. He was a cruel, cold-hearted person and honestly how he first showed his “love” for Lily disgusted me. He violated everything that she was at that moment and psh, love or not, that was just repulsing. I can’t believe that’s what led Lily to actually want to love Tom, just it set me on edge. Sadistic methods or not, how Tom treated women is no way how anyone else should treat women. I felt like his methods went beyond sadism, I think they were more crazed than anything. This book showed me so much; that people become lost and disillusioned by what’s around them. They believe in things and then create visuals with those things that aren’t really reality. They don’t see past the surface of things and although they think they do, I don’t think they try hard enough, like with Lily. At times when she was about to bust Tom, I became excited, but then she just forgave him for everything that he had done which made me upset with her. Also, Lily was just too secure with Tom that she never really felt like she had to go out of her comfort zone and when people are comfy in their little zone, they never want to leave the safety of it. Then, there is the difference between sadism and dominance; I mean I don’t particularly enjoy reading books based on the dominance of one sex; however, sadism is so cruel and vile and Tom exhibited every aspect of it and more. Anyways, overall, I was amazed by everything that went on with this story and it was an unbelievably soul-reaching and eye-opening story.

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