Hard as Rock (The Rock Star’s Seduction #3) by Olivia Thorne

Hard as Rock (The Rock Star's Seduction, #3)Hard as Rock by Olivia Thorne
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I gave it a 4 because I did actually enjoy the book; however, that was my reaction throughout most of the book because seriously… WHAT HAPPENED KAITLYN?!?! I actually didn’t mind her through the beginning/middle of the book because just DANG those scenes ;). SO darn hot! Then… everything went down from there and I literally always wanted to hit something because I was frustrated with Kaitlyn’s choices and how she was acting. She really needed to make up her mind, seriously.

Derek… Honestly he just irritated the heck out of me most of the time; I really thought that he would’ve changed for the better, but this book sort of proves that once a rock star, always a rock star. I loved him in the 1st book, think I loved more of his sexual ability in the 2nd rather than his personality, and in this book, I thought I had felt bad for him, but then again I really didn’t (hope this doesn’t make me a heartless person haha).

Then there’s Ryan… three letters, OMG. I just loved Ryan, he’s really the type of guy, ANY girl would love no matter if she liked bad boys or nice boys. He had me swooning the whole entire time; he is seriously so selfless. I really wish I had someone like him. TEAM RYAN FTW! I’m so glad he got to show his own abilities off and compete with Derek.

In my opinion, I think that Kaitlyn did love Derek, but she loved him for who he was 4 years ago and not the rock star Derek. I feel as though she’s really disillusioned into thinking she “loves” Derek now, I think she’s more in love with how wil he is an his sexuality rather than HIM as a person. It annoyed me to no end when he would use sex to his advantage to seduce her, but then again that’s why it’s called the art of seduction. I really do believe though that she loves Ryan with all of her heart, she gave him some things she never gave with Derek and there was a sweetness to all the crazy that went along with them. This just proves that sometimes it’s easy to be disillusioned by what you desire rather than by what you actually want.

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