Bachelor in Paradise Episode 3

Being an avid watcher of the show, I made the decision to start blogging/reviewing the episodes and give my opinions and thoughts on them so please bear with me if these first few posts are pointless or boring. It will be my first time doing something like this. Anywho, let’s get this going!

Starting with this week’s Tuesday episode, all I can continue saying is, “What at trainwreck,” while shaking my head laughing.

Continuing off of Monday’s episode, it starts off with The Canadian (Daniel) counting how many abs he has. Guess there’s nothing better to do in paradise than to lay there and count the amount of muscle or fat you may or may not have. Meanwhile, the “lion” keeps marking his territory by making out with Amanda. Don’t y’all have anything else to do with those lips other than make out like lust-filled teenagers? Nope, I guess not. While that goes on… Daniel asks Nick, “Are ya mad?”


Nick, the ever cool soul, responds, “No, I’m not mad.” And listen, I honestly haven’t been watching the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchises as often as I used to, so maybe my judgment is a little skewed, but I really think Nick just wants to move on from Amanda and the whole Josh situation and find love because let’s be real, there are a ton of other girls who are out there and coming and given the chance, I feel like he can find someone. I mean that’s what Paradise is for right? You make a connection with someone, go on a date, make out and see if there’s that “spark.” If there’s not, you pretty much just go, “Check please, can I see whose next?” and you move on. giphy.gif

Speaking of Paradise… I guess Evandise is about to disintegrate because Carly is just not feeling it for him at all other than friendship. I mean Evan is not one of my favorite guys, but poor guy, I mean, how much heartbreak can he really take. He was so into her, but it was all one-sided. Hope this erectile dysfunction specialist can “give boners to other girls”-Carly. Continuing on…

Famous last words, “I hope it’s not going well.”-The Canadian


Daniel is frustrated that his “I’m sort of interested in Sarah,” message didn’t make it to Christian who decides to take Sarah on the date. Wow, first time for everything right? I honestly didn’t expect much from him since all I got from the first episode with him and Chad was, “What a misogynist.” Guess there’s more than one layer to this Canadian eh?

When Sarah and Christian get back from their date of zip-lining and swimming and whatever else you do on a paradise date, you can feel the tension and jealousy that radiates off of Daniel who wanted to be on that date with Sarah and do all of those things with her.

Let me tell you, I really actually feel for him in these moments. Like I said, I thought that he was a misogynist ego-filled guy who just always liked to talk about protein and working out. However, so far, I have been wrong. I actually look forward to his quotes and ITM’s because they’re just so… Daniel, I have no other words for it, haha. Like Sarah says in her confessionals and ITM’s, it’s just so “weird,” and so is he. So far, I enjoy their dynamic and I’m glad that Sarah and Daniel had a chance to go on a mini “date,” because it showed us viewers and Sarah that Daniel has more to him than his eh’s.

The one person who so far doesn’t have more to him is Brandon (Desiree’s season). I mean if Chris Harrison doesn’t remember you, then how is anyone else supposed to? “You’re sure you were on the show right? You were on the show?”-Chris Harrison

Anywho, Brandon enters and decides to take Twin #2 (Haley) on the date and while on the date, the twins do a switch and Brandon ends up failing the twinswitch. Well, guess that didn’t pan out well for him. Oops, guess now he’ll be remembered for something else. He is really cute though.

Speaking of the Twins, the funniest moment for me was when Twin #1 (Emily) was drunk off of one beer. She is what we call a “One Shot Wonder.” Hilarious.


Moving on… Being dumped by Carly makes Evan have an epiphany and realize that somehow he should go after Amanda who is still being tongued down by Josh… Like what?? NOOO, Evan, why would you do that?!?


This honestly made no sense to me and still doesn’t, but the poor guy makes his own date card and goes down to interrupt yet another make out session between the two, or maybe it’s the same make out session and they somehow haven’t run out of air yet.Anyway, that’s all for this episode! Tune in next week for my reviews of the next two episodes where some waves will be made. 

Look of the episode:

Sarah’s necklace during her date with Daniel

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 10.19.30 PM.png







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