Almost Wrecked (The Song Wreckers #1) by Crystal Firsdon

Almost Wrecked (The Song Wreckers #1)Almost Wrecked by Crystal Firsdon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Thanks to the author who gave me an e-copy of this story in exchange for an honest review.

Molly Davis has some issues from the past; however, she doesn’t focus on them and focuses on the future. Being a teacher and also being in a band and playing guitar with her friends have been the two things in her life that have been constant and have made her happy. One night though, after finishing playing at the regular bar they always play at, Molly realizes that someone left her an ominous “present.” Thinking that it’s just a joke, she brushes it off until she keeps receiving creepy gifts. When she does, her friend and the club owner hires some bodyguards to keep her safe. Gabe Cooper and Caleb Ramsey couldn’t be more opposite of one another and they both are attractive in their own ways. Attraction occurs between all three and soon Molly is left wondering who this creep that keeps sending her gifts is and which guy is more for her.

That was Molly the whole time during the course of the story and I found her personality to be hilarious! I just enjoyed her personality sooo much! She’s one of the more likable girl main characters that I have read about and honestly she provided the book with humor. She was so straightforward and honest about everything towards everyone that I couldn’t help but applaud her for everything that she did. She’s also feisty and fierce, a very strong girl and when the most action packed scene occurred, I was so scared for her, but also excited that she wasn’t just a girl who let her “knight in shining armor” rescue her. She could hold her own and I appreciated that fact. The whole pretense that there was someone who was stalking her seriously creeped me out. At times, I felt that there were goosebumps on my arms when those scenes occurred. If I was Molly, I would’ve been terrified to the point of wanting to just hide from everything, but she was strong and didn’t want to showing how brave she was even though everything about this creep did scare all her wits.

I liked how the author didn’t just focus on the “Creep” storyline though and allowed Molly to continue with her life as she normally does. The storyline progresses really well and I enjoyed every aspect of it. There were no standstills or fillers; it wasn’t filled with Molly being scared or hiding from the creep; she was allowed to continue on living her life and that made the book more enjoyable since it is sometimes annoying to read about the same thing over and over again. I really liked Caleb and Cooper because they were both willing to help Molly in their own ways even though Cooper was more passive than aggressive which was the opposite of Caleb. Caleb was just darling though! Oh my goodness, he was just so amazing towards Molly, caring about her, so cute and adorable. Agh! I just wanted to hug him haha! I just can’t wait for the next book because I just want to find out more about the creep.

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