A Suitable Wife (Sweetwater Springs #1) by Carol Burnside

A Suitable Wife (Sweetwater Springs, #1)A Suitable Wife by Carol Burnside
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Thanks to the author who gifted me an e-copy of this story in exchange for an honest review.

Sam Moreland wants the best life possible for his little daughter, Lorelai. To achieve this, he moves back to where his grandparents used to live and in doing so reconnects with some old friends, including Rosie Baxter and her family. Rosie Baxter, who owns a florist shop, is excited that Sam is returning to his home not just because they’re old friends, but because things happened in the past that were never touched on nor advanced upon. Now that Sam’s returning though, things are about to change, not just in Rosie’s life, but also in his life. The favor that he asks of her will alter both of their lives in ways they never thought possible.

This was such a heartfelt and touching read for me. Carol Burnside did an absolutely amazing job at conducting this story. I don’t usually read so many books with characters who already have kids, so I wasn’t sure how the dynamic between the main two characters would be. I wasn’t disappointed though because she did an amazing job of incorporating little Lorelai into the story. I think she was an adorable character and I loved how Rosie ended up being such a pivotal aspect in Sam’s life and his daughter’s life. I loved how Rosie didn’t take crap from anyone and was fierce, loyal, and sassy. Haha!

I loved how willing she was to protect Sam and his daughter from the “evils” that they were escaping from back in New York. She was such a loving and caring person and when it came out about what happened to her in the past with her ex-fiance, I was just shocked and I wanted to cry because it was so heart-wrenching. I’m glad Sam didn’t run away like all the other male characters I’ve read about though. He listened and he comforted; I would want a man like Sam later on in my life 😉 haha! Sam’s character though was great, really. He was such a loving father and would do anything for his daughter no matter what and that was so sweet and wonderful. Sam and Rosie’s relationship was so heartfelt and touching throughout the story and it was amazing seeing how both had feelings for each other without really realizing it until later.

Sometimes sacrifices and also risks have to be made and taken in order for one to get their life in order and for one to be happy

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