Unfinished by Shae Scott

Unfinished (Unfinished, #1)Unfinished by Shae Scott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*Thanks to the author who provided me a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.*

Ally and Owen met 10 years ago on a night where everyone enjoyed themselves by drinking, dancing, and conversing with one another. After their first encounter, they started to get to know each other more and became best friends. However, after one fateful night, everything changed between them and it had caused Ally to walk away from Owen. Now after 10 long years, Owen has found Ally again and both aren’t willing to go back to what they once were, friends. However, issues start to surface between them and those issues start to threaten what they are trying to establish between themselves.

Seriously, I can’t describe this book. I thought it was well thought out and absolutely amazing. It captivated my attention from the beginning. I thought the pace of this story was absolutely incredible. The whole time I was just so surprised by everything that was happening. Ally, whom you might think of as a sweet, innocent country girl is actually the absolute opposite. She is fierce and stubborn when she needs to be and she won’t let anyone control her life, not even the one she truly wants to be with. Owen on the other hand is a dark, mysterious, intense, and charming man. He attracts all of the ladies; however, the one he really wants to attract is Ally and he believes that he shouldn’t take advantage of her in any way at all because she is so sweet and innocent and they are such good friends that being anything more might ruin their relationship. However, they dare to take the risk and become involved with each other in a more intimate way and this leads to issues because of Owen’s work. Although the storyline was absolutely amazing, I seriously wanted to slap Owen at some parts of the book like seriously? This girl truly loves you and yet you can’t devote yourself 100% to her. I understand his side of the story too, but seriously it is just really annoying and it left me pulling at my hair when he was being indecisive while Ally was all ready for him. I’m glad that Ally didn’t let him call all of the shots though and spoke her mind. She is such a good example of a girl who knows what she wants and wants herself to be happy. Even though she knows for sure she wants Owen, she can’t let herself be hurt because of his indecisiveness. I can’t believe what happened in the end though, I really did not see that coming AT ALL. That was just… Wow that ending was heartbreaking, but amazing. This whole book was amazing; I found it to be more realistic than many stories I’ve read. A friendship that blossoms into something more, that to me is really beautiful. Also, the dialogue between them conveys the lust, angst, and emotion that needs to be shown. All in all, everything in the book was great and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I can’t wait to read the next book and see what happens next with Ally and Owen.

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